Tuesday, February 28

Think Spring~

Happy Tuesday to you my friends.

So excited that spring is on it's way.

These small flowers remind me that

renewal and growth and fresh life are

not too far away.

Today I am thinking about the garden.

Outside my window the birds are singing.

I am learning the virtues of patience all

over again.

Funny how those same lessons keep

revisiting us over and over again

until we get them right :)

Happy for a little feature here today,

thank you much ladies.

I will be planning an area for

some vegetables we will grow,and

the flower beds we can't live without.

I'll be re-habbing those bird houses and feeders

that these last several months have weathered.

What is in your plans for spring?

I'd love to hear them.

Stay tune d I've got a giveaway coming up

that I think you are gonna like!

Enjoy this day friends.

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Monday, February 27

A Dance For Spring

Today was bright,breezy,playful.

We could smell the coming of spring.

The golden light of evening called to us.

It is easy to get lost in these fields.

They are a part of me, as I hope they will

become a part of her as the years go by.

Youth passes so quickly. In the blink of an eye.

Today I watch her, I can almost see her growing

as she dances to the song of the sun.

A dance for spring to come to us and

linger for awhile.

One more light breeze, one more twirl,

one more look across this field before the night

comes to us.

We want to stay here forever in this very moment.

“Bring me the sunset in a cup.”
Emily Dickinson

Happy Sweet Monday friends.

May you find the magic golden moment.♥

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Sunday, February 26

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Crossed-We ventured out last weekend for some much needed fresh air.

 There is an abandoned house near a beautiful spring fed pond.

 I wandered around the house and found some things along my path.

 This old metal was apparently used as a bridge by the resident raccoons.

Glimpse-This is one of my favorite areas on my father's farm.

 These rock bluffs overlook the spring fed creek

that runs thru this area. The winter is a great time to see the valley below.

Handwritten-One of my old gardening books I found years ago in an antique store.

 When I got home 

I discovered a handwritten note in the pages

 of seeds the book's owner had plans for buying.

** Bliss-One last shot before the sun goes down.

 It is my own personal bliss to capture the moment as it truly was.

Gray-I collect fossils and this is one I truly treasure. I keep it in a bowl on my coffee table.

 I pick it up often and

look at the shimmer and feel the texture.

 I have always been fascinated by fossils. When I lived in

Colorado I would set out on a trail with my eyes to the ground and my rockhounding book in

hand looking for the exact spot where my treasure lied.

 Yes, I am a rockhound geek, yikes!

Hoping your week was all you planned it would be.

Happy to be featured here.

Planning a breakfast, small chores, then dashing out

to enjoy this beautiful day.

* “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”
John Muir

Happy Sunday friends.

Get out and find your space.

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Tuesday, February 21

An Invitation For You

If you were here, I would offer you a cup of tea and a cozy chair

so we could chat awhile. I would ask you how you are doing.

I would want to know where you grew up and who your family


I would ask you about things that only women talk about amongst

themaelves like friendships, heartbreaks, first loves, children, favorite

foods. I would ask you if you are well. I would want to know about

the sadness that you may have had ,(or have) and what things make you

happy in this life. I would exchange hugs with you and make plans to get

together again very soon.

Alas, we are apart physically, but I still want to share these things with

you my loyal friends. So, I will start today with ten things about me

that you might like to know.

I just turned 50 this year, and I am still freaked out at times because

I don't know how I got here so fast.

I have one daughter who is 23. She is an insulin dependent diabetic. I am a nurse.

I have had many years of insomnia, many days I am incredibly tired.

I played volleyball in high school and lettered for 3 years.

I hate housework.

I love cooking. My fave food is Thai.

One of my favorite lunches is a tuna fish sandwich and

cheese popcorn  (pure indulgence).

Okay so that is my first ten "Things About Me."

I would love to hear things about you, too.

I was inspired by Reena the other day reading her bio

and felt like I knew so much about her after I was done.

 Thank you for that, Reena ♥

I called this creation , "Tea, deconstructed",

to show you a little bit about my daily tea habits.

The tea I am enjoying is Body and Mind, a white loose

leaf tea (orchid and jasmine).

I have made a commitment to live healthier

and I gave up the soda, too!

Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends.

Tea is a cup of life. ~Author Unknown

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Saturday, February 18

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Love-One of the most popular topics this past week. This rose is from a beautiful
bouquet my daughter's boyfriend sent her. The quote is from one of my favorite
poets, E.E.Cummings.

Duplicated-I've been shooting my polaroids more since starting my group on

Trending-This would be trending in my home and probably elsewhere I
suppose. We are thinking of a warmer climate, sun,sand, beach and reminiscing
of past times we spent along the ocean.

Paper-I love those little messages you get in your fortune cookie. I'm a
sucker for them everytime. I keep them and tuck them away in books
only to be surprised by them later, or even better someone else finds them!

Plastic-This sweet little dinosaur came in my box with my dreamy diana lens
I ordered recently. We have had fun with him, he shows up from time to time
in different places around home. He is worth the smiles.

Sunday for us will be getting outside for some fun and recreation.
Missouri Dept. of Conservation is holding their annual photo
contest and I am joining in this year, wish me luck!

This is where Sunday morning breakfast begins.

This is the tea wisdom for today.

Here's to an awesome Sunday that lasts a little longer than usual.

Happy day, get out and live.
Thank you friends for stopping here
and sharing pieces of your lives with me everyday ♥

Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour."
- John Boswell

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Friday, February 17

The Earth Under My Feet

I did not travel far today to find beauty.

I traveled to Strawberry Creek in search of the deer.

Oh, I know this place like the back of my hand.

I know every path, every creekbed, even the secret paths

that no one else knows how to get to, I know them.

In these photos is the simple beauty of nature in a moment.

The earth waits and offers her gifts to me when I stand still

for a moment and listen and look.

I look up and I see the veil of light.

Today is warm, the deer tracks cross over the path I walk.

I hear the birds as they sing me along my way.

This is my gift today she gives me.

I feel the movement of awakening,

of longer days, roots stretching and

shooting towards the sun.

I look and I see. I listen and I hear.

I reach out and I feel her.

She offers herself today.

a breeze, a bud, the earthy smell of soil,

the dogs that find me on this path,

the mud that pulls me down and

I am stuck for a moment, and that

in itself reminds me to remain grounded.

She is always with me. She offers me this place

where I stand today. 

She is the earth under my feet.

(Mother Earth.)

My joy is sharing these earth wanderings with you, my friends.

Happy Friday.

“The whole world is, to me, very much "alive" - all the little growing things, even the rocks. I can't look at a swell bit of

grass and earth, for instance, without feeling the essential life - the things going on - within them. The same goes for a

mountain, or a bit of the ocean, or a magnificent piece of old wood.”    

Ansel Adams

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Tuesday, February 14

She Is Happiest

And so it is we get to gather here on Valentine's Day ♥

No stories here today, just a grateful heart for all the good

that comes my way each and every day, moment by moment.

This is actually one of my daily affirmations I created back when

I was feeling blue. I still say it, even when I'm feeling bright and

cheerful, just as a reminder.

Always keep your heart open.

Today my wish is that you receive all the happiness

your great big heart can hold.

Happy Tuesday friends.

Hugs and Kisses this day.

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Photo edited with Kim Klassen textures, "She Loves You",

"More Magic", and "Look Up."

Monday, February 13

Everyday Moments

"Who would ever think that so much went into the soul of a young girl? "Anne Frank

Happy Monday friends.

Here's to youth and soulful women

who were once wondering what they would become.

May we always be dreamers ♥

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Saturday, February 11

Happy Sunday

Facial Features-Madelyn's face is changing constantly as she grows

and she is growing fast. I enjoy hearing about her days at school and

how she views the world. She is becoming quite expressive in many ways.

Shadow- This is a very quick snap of my window sill and the shadows it casts

against the opposite wall late in the day. I have always loved shadow play.

Spicy- Some homemade spicy tomato sauce I canned this summer and we

are still enjoying it this winter. The tomatoes still even taste sweet.

Note to self: Can more this summer*

** Gold- A warm, golden fire is one of my very favorite things I look

forward to in the winter season. A fire, the quiet, hot cup of tea

and I will call it "bliss."

* Fabric- Just a piece of the bottom of this dress. Madelyn likes to put

this dress on and play. The crazy thing has wings on it. I don't really

get the wings, but she loves it and that is just fine with me. Crazy that she

wants to wear it on a day when it is 20 degrees outside.

*  *  *  *  * 

I have been in a semi-hibernation mode. These days of winter I find

are long and grey and cold. I am enjoying my new tea called

"Body and Mind". It has jasmine and oolong and some peach.

It keeps me warm these days.

I will be finishing Walden soon, and moving on to a new read.

I am ready to go a-wandering in the fields and the forests

here in the midwest. I have committed to some photos for

Missouri Dept. of Conservation and I am craving a

little vitamin D of the God given kind, LOL.

Here's hoping your days of winter are allowing you

space, and warmth, and sun to go out and wander

along some paths where you can find fresh air

and breathe deeply.

Thank you friends for stopping here.

Happy Sunday, dream big.

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Tuesday, February 7

You Are The Light

Here is the scoop: I love Kim Klassen's textures. I truly enjoy the challenge

of taking a photo and her textures and creating something magical.

I decided to call this photo and post "You Are The Light" because

I enjoy meeting up here in this space and getting to know all of you

better everyday.

On a down day, I can find beautiful photos and stories to make

me smile and have a grateful heart for this love of creating that

we all share in this space.

Yes, I may be a nerd of sorts, but I love Texture Tuesdays and

get kind of excited about the next challenge and the next free


So I want to thank all of you who visit here and say "Hello"

and leave kindness here.

Yes, indeed you are the light.

Happy Tuesday friends.

Follow Your Bliss ♥

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Photo edited with Kim Klassen texture "cosmo" in soft light at 37%

and "look up" in linear burn at 45%.

Monday, February 6

Everyday Moments

“Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.” — Henry David Thoreau, Wild Apples

this little old weekend was cold,rainy and gloomy.

We took the youngest out for the day for a little bit

of birthday fun, we did whatever she wanted, almost.

We played glow in the dark putt putt golf and we had

a really good time finding out how hard it was to hit

that little glowing ball down those little courses, lol.

B made pancakes for the girls, while I continued with a

little health and food routine I'm trying to turn into a

habit, it's getting easier as the days go on. Was quite

proud to stick to it this morning and have some of this

instead of some of this, you feelin' me?

Sunday we stayed inside and stayed warm. More gloom and


This made me smile.

and last I will leave you with this.

Happy Monday. Live Big.

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Saturday, February 4

Happy Sunday

** Strike a Pose-This is a photo I just edited for Urban Muser's {in the picture} project

I am participating in this year. The current theme is, "write on!" This is my

my 2nd entry for this challenge. My word for this year is "create" and I am exploring

some new areas over in Flikr land.

Footwear- So odd for it to be February and to be completely comfortable with

these shoes. I love the hearts, quite nice for the month of February. I participate

in a group called, "From Where I Stand." A photo of where you are standing

in any particular moment and the ground where you are. I love these

photos because they really are fun to shoot and they keep me in the moment.

Hobby-This is one of my polaroid cameras I took with my polaroid spectra. I have

gotten some expired film that is creating some lovely photos. I am also participating in

some projects here and my own project here.

Shiny-My SX-70 and some of my recent polas. I love the depth of field that

this camera produces.

(***) Color Me Green- Having a cup of morning tea, and a great message to absorb. ♥

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(***) Your Sunday Best which I am so glad is back. ( it is one of the first linkys

I ever had enough nerve to link to!)

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** The Weekend in Black and White.

Happy Sunday friends. Enjoy this day.

Friday, February 3

Still Lingering

I have been feeling the creative urge lately,

as my word is "create" for this year.

A desire to say something differently

that has perhaps already been said.

The warm days of winter are still lingering here.

The trees out back are budding and the birds

have remained and are finding plenty of food from the

woods that we are surrounded by.

I was happy to be featured here this last week

and also here.

I have loved hearing your thoughts on bravery and

about being you. Some of you struggle with allowing

yourself the freedom to say what you want to really say.

I will tell you this is why we collectively meet here and

allow ourselves this space. To Be Who We Really Are,

and carry that along with us into everyday life.

I would certainly love to hear your thoughts on your goals

and dreams for this year.

Is it a new camera? A new job, or relationship?

My new post for The Monthly Soul Journal is here.♥

How are you doing with you?

Let me know how you tend to yourself, and remain centered

and healthy.

Happy Friday my dear friends.

Hope this day finds you ready for weekend


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