Saturday, May 12


Hello and Happy Sunday. I have not been able to meet up here for some time it seems.

Life activities have gotten in the way, allbeit necessary things, but I am posting early this

weekend. I have been exploring instagram which I must admit, I do enjoy more than facebook.

I also am working with my talents in Hipstamatic ( an iphone camera app) which I really enjoy and

diving back into polaroid shooting which is challenging in its own ways. My first photo is for

"sidewalk". This was shot with my phone and the hipsta app.

This is for "inspiring". This is SOOC, with some golden tones added. This was during a walk we

took in the evening earlier this week. (iphone shot) Seems I was having a bad day all the way

around. Nothing seemed to be flowing right. I got home and we decided to walk. I decided to forget

about the day and just shoot some photos, and I shot this. More story here.

This is for "time." We visited an old farmhouse this week which was listed for sale.

I wandered around the grounds amazed at everything that had been left behind.

It really did look as if time stood still on this land. I fell in love instantly with this home.

This is for "close-up." This was actually for a Flikr group called

"Me Again Monday"

This shot is for "mirror."

I took this for an instagram phot for Tracey Clark's involvement

with vaccinations for children. This was for the "Shot for Shot" campaign.

More about it here.

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Here are some recent polaroids I've taken.

Visit me on Flikr to see more or here on instagram.

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Your Sunday Best, and

The Simple Things.


Sunday, May 6


Hello friends and happy Sunday. I have not been here in awhile and thought I would just share a
moment of discovery from the weekend.
We drove along last evening chasing some thunderhead clouds to photograph and came along a
beautiful, abandoned farmhouse for sale. Of course you know I had to explore. I followed this lovely
fence around the house and found this little area to shoot. I must have taken 50 pictures. Places like

remind me of when I was little visiting my grandmother for the summer. I can only imagine the lives
and times that were lived here. The entire place was lovely with all of it's decay. I'm hoping to revisit

 it one more time for a few more shots.(I used my iphone for this photo)
I hope your weekend has been wonderful. Enjoy the rest of this day. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

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