Sunday, April 15

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Simple-This is one of my photos I shot for a Flikr group I belong to. The
dogwoods are so beautiful here in yet, they came early this spring and
they are already gone!

Grain-This is a polaroid it took not long ago. The picture didn't really turn out at all
but I immediately saw the image of a wolf in the photo. See it? Anyway, I just
love the grain in the polaroids.

Transportation-The weather has been fair, actually good enough for the guy who was driving this to have the top down already.

Stitch-I admit I really don't have any ideas for this one. I did stitch these two photos together for
a self portraiture group I belong to on Flikr.

Bubbles-I was washing my new glasses and the light and reflections captured my eyes.
Just one of those everyday moments that makes me grab my camera.

How was your week? We were away for Easter having fun with some really
beautiful weather.
Here are some photos from the Mark Twain National Forest where we stayed:

Here's to many more times like these. Happy Sunday folks.

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Friday, April 13

Linked 52: Work

If you ask me what I do, I will tell you I am a nurse. I will tell you

I have been in nursing for 20 years. I will tell you I have wondered

many times thru the years why I chose this profession.

I have worked in most facets of surgery. I have been a transplant,

open heart, vascular nurse for a major part of my career.

Today I work at a smaller community hospital that does not

do the volume of surgery the other university hospitals do nearby.

But, I am happy I am here.

These patients are really sick. I support a community of an aging

population that relies on me to come to work and forget

about my worries and help them be well.

Many days are hard, but many days are smooth and easy also.

This job has it's risks. It has taken it's toll on my back.

I have been exposed to tuberculosis, though I have never

been infected. I have many stoic patients and wondered where they

found their bravery to make it thru their days. This job does make me sad

at times. I see so much. A patient died a little over a month ago after surgery.

She had many health complications and she knew her risk.

Days like those make me wonder why I stay.

I stay because my fellow nurses depend on me.

I stay because my managers depend on me.

I stay because the doctors know my name.

I stay because I help patients heal and return to

their lives like I get to everyday.

Most days I am proud of what I do.

I am a nurse and I take care of people like you.

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Happy Friday, and be well friends.

Heather A.

Monday, April 9

Moments On The River

Hello friends, hope your holiday weekend was beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable.

We spent the weekend in a river valley a couple hours from home.

Our first night was clear, a full moon and pretty cold.

Our second night was cloudy and much warmer.

The days were unbelieveably sunny and the flowers were in

full bloom. I had a great time capturing their beauty

under the canopy of the Mark Twain  National Forest.

We got caught up in a spring fed creek at the bottom

of a valley with butterflies that surrounded us at times.

I couldn't have asked for anything better for Easter weekend.

We are linking up here for Everyday Moments.

Hope you can join in and share something from your

weekend that fed your well being.

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Show Off Your Shot.

Kim Klassen texture "little things" applied in photoscape.

Have a splendid wonderful week friends!

I can't wait to see the magic you find in everyday moments!

Tuesday, April 3

A Soft Vignette of Spring

These delicate beauties don't last long. They bloom and are gone in a flash. The weather here
is bright and sunny and warm, warm, warm! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.
Easter is upon us and I plan on escaping to a restful, relaxing weekend of outdoors with lots
of wilderness and crystal clear water where I will lay my head at night.
Hoping this Tuesday finds you all in a good place.
BTW, the necklace winner is Pat at The Artful Diva. Congrats Pat!

Stay tuned for next week's linky for "Everyday Moments"
It will go live on Monday, April 9th, and run thru the end of the week.
Hope you can join us!

"waterstained frame used"
and "aged photo effect" from Shadowhouse.

Be well. Be happy. Be at peace.