Wednesday, November 30

Today is a pretty day.

We have begun putting up some Christmas decor.

My cats nearly destroyed my little red birds last Christmas. So, I have hung them in a higher place this season. (Those little rascals.)

I really like the little touches that add some dazzle.

The evergreen is abundant in the woods behind my home, so I go awandering.

This was one of the first things to go up on the mantle. 

It keeps me in the moment.

All that is important in this life.

I lose focus many times each day.

This is to remind us, this time of year.

To gather, nest, share, pray, believe and hope with one another.

And to remember only this: be in the moment.

Today is a pretty day.

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Monday, November 28

I have to admit something..

I want a Diana :)

I smiled a real corny smile when I professed my unfounded desire to B♥.

He asked me "what is a Diana?" well...

it's this sweet little toy camera that takes blurry, light-leaky photos

with results you just can't produce in PS elements, or Picnic,

or Photoscape. :) I grin again. ( bigger and cheesier)

You can't do that with any of your other cameras?

BTW how many cameras do you have dear?

"Not enough, I don't feel that I have enough."

Sometimes when I can't sleep at night I lay there thinking

about these lovely photos I could produce with film.

Yes, I got it bad. I want to experience every creative idea I have.

B♥ says, "You should do what you want. It's your deal, and

it's great you have something like this that you enjoy."

Oh, I am grateful (I am!) that my partner is a supportive soul.

In good times and bad he is.

My thanksgiving this day.

To have my photography, to love it so.

To meet with you my friends in this way

and develop many lasting relationships.

We share good, bad, sad, family, nature, stories, beauty, humor

and we will remember this because we record our lives.

Every day. Photo by photo.

I call mine Life in Pictures.

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These photos are of an old gal I picked up via Craigslist.

She's not up and ready for film just yet.

But when she is, you'll be the first to know.

Enjoy this day and all it brings to you.

*photo 2 texture-"Back In"- edited in Photoscape( surprise!) it's a free editing program I use quite often. Any questions about it, drop me a message here, we'll chat. I've been using it for 1 year now. I also use Picnic, and PSE.

Sunday, November 27

waiting. not my pooch, but he followed me around in this little general store.

foliage. we have had more than our share of rain this fall. the rain brings out these colors so well.

candid. taken with my sx-70. my daughter on her 21st.

knife,fork or spoon. anything but a knife. my little shabby everyday silver set we use.

rule of thirds. a pensive shot. my B♥

We had a great week.

The rain has set in again with the cold, welcome fall at last.

You can find my little musing here today.

I'm also joining Angie over at 100 Days to contribute.

This change of seasons certainly soaks the soul with creativity.

Thank you dear Ashley this is always much, much fun :)-

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Saturday, November 26

my cat-AKA Fat Buddha

he's jovial and chatty

doesn't really care if you don't want to hang out

he's sticking by your side

loves to sit in baskets and boxes

hides under rugs and grabs at your toes

paws under the door when you shut him out

the tilted head stare when you glance back to

walk out the door

I love this guy.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

We went on a little roadtrip.

You can view some photos here of our little day.

(Happiness doesn't just happen; it emerges)

I am going to create some journals like this.

I will be trying this little concoction.

I'm joining in on this little project and embracing the season.

I am making these for a little ambience for our winter dinners.

enjoy this day.♥

Friday, November 25

A Fall Craft and The Giveaway Reveal

thought I would show you my warm socks. My ugg slippers are always hiding my colorful socks around the house:)

Thought we would share a little craft we completed for fall.

We adopted this idea from Flax and Twine.

The original idea started as upcycled fabric used to create

invitations, but I had an idea of a fall owl mantle garland.

We love how it turned out, and Maddie sure enjoyed creating it.

Here's the simple supplies for the garland.

1.) thick craft paper with various patterns. We chose more earthy patterns to

reflect fall. We may make these in the spring with brighter colors.

2.)craft glue for gluing wings, buttons, beak and attaching the owls to the yarn.

3.)scissors for cutting the template, as well as a pencil or marker to trace the pattern.

4.) yarn for the garland.

5.) old buttons for the eyes, you can incidentally just use cut out eys from paper.

We used contrasting colors and patterns for the wings, beak and bodies. I thought it added

a little more whimsy. Even some of the buttons for the eyes are

mismatched. They look like they are winking.

You can see what the finished project looks like across the mantle.

As for the brownie camera giveaway:

Ellie A. from New York has won the brownie camera giveaway.

I love what she had to say about photography means to her:

"For me photography means I can freeze a moment so it can be relived whenever it is shared. "

Ellie, I agree and congrats!

Hope everyone had a Thanksgiving to remember.

Feel free to share your photos from your holiday with me here.

Let's become better acquainted and stop by this weekend for

Campfire Girls:)

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Thursday, November 24

There it is.

The heart in the sky.

That might be my heart.

So full it bursted and floated upward.

A day of together.

A day of reflecting.

All the good I have.

We will be together today, all family.

Oh and that means so much.

I look to this heart in the sky and know it was meant for me,

it is gone in the blink of an eye.

Happy day of Thanksgiving to you.

Joining Ana for Earth Wanders.

Wednesday, November 23

Finally chose a table setting for the clan.

earthy tones all full of warmth.

I have had that crazy tablecloth for ions.

The turkey salt and papper shakers I found at an antique store. Fun.

That little mantle word board is something I read everyday.

mantras for the soul.

Had some of my photos just framed, it makes my heart sing

to see the last year I have had in pictures.

Life in pictures, yes.

Me and B♥.

I have the framed tree in the dining area, I don't think I can

take it down for awhile.

My mantle art, owl garland that we made this week.

Our wish for you-

love among family and friends.

Abundance in life.

peace in your heart.

Musing with dear Bella ♥

for her 52 Photos project.

Tuesday, November 22

On a cold, fall day as this. So rainy and dreary.

Days like this can weigh down the soul.

But I am embracing the day for what it brings.

Listening to this CD, spirits lift instantly.

I focus on what is good, all to be grateful for.

 That list is oh so long.

Brian, Maddie and I are here together. Leslie is at work.

We look forward to a day together.

That in itself is gold.

All peace and warmth to you.

Musing with Kristi for Wordless/Wordfull Wednesday.

Sunday, November 20

Boy oh Boy

I have to say it has been quite exciting around my home these last two weeks.

Dryer went out.


Stove went out.

Not fixed...

Guess who is hosting Thanksgiving :-)

I have a plan.

I will pretend I am a traveling chef. I am going to cook at Brian's &

take the food to my home.

Why not host at Brian's house, you say? Make it easy on yourself....

well, see his T.V. is out ( go ahead laugh) I did.

We had a plan to sit and watch a movie after dinner.

We are sticking to the plan.

In lieu of these minor set backs, apple cake as promised

was not posted.  But, I promise this week before turkey day. Yes

even if I have to bake it in my convection oven on the

countertop. Oh yes there was this lovely, lovely walk.

Sort of a dismal day with a few pops of sun.

I love wandering thru the woods on days like this.

Everyone is huddled indoors and we have the woods to ourselves.

BTW, had a photo featured here. Hope you stop by and enjoy

those little lovelies, too.

Happiness to you.