Wednesday, October 17

The Joy of Baking (and living)

Autumn mornings are kind of special to me. Even moreso when I am all alone here in the house. Sometimes I find myself just staring out the window early when the sun is rising having that first BEST cup of coffee. Today I had plans for baking pumpkin-walnut-cranberry muffins and some banana chocolate chip whole wheat bread. I was a little uneasy about baking, as me and the oven don't always see eye to eye. I do a pretty good job of cooking fresh meals, but baking has never been my strong suit, and once again I was determined to make a go of it.

I found the recipe here.It was easy to pull together, and the muffins came out moist and tasting wonderful. My mother always mixed by hand when I was growing up and I follow that tradition. Oddly enough, mixing by hand is really quite relaxing to me. I find my mind wanders from thought to thought during the whole prep time. I have a nice big kitchen window where I can mix and watch the leaves falling in a slow motion towards the ground, the free falling is soothing to my soul. I'll put on some music to bake by, ( I tend to do this while I cook anything) and enjoy the time with just me and the light streaming thru the kitchen window and the music streaming. I think my decision to make peace with the whole baking process and approach it more as an enjoyable time has made all the difference in the outcome.

I think when my heart is in it, it shows. I was rewarded this morning with wonderful, warm muffins and a great smell in the house. Mental note made: the zen of baking is enjoying the process and putting your heart into it.

Today I'm joining some old friends whom I have missed. I'm linking with A Rural Journal
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Girls, I must be honest. I woke up this morning a little cranky and unhappy about these nagging hot flashes that are never ending. Then I read this post and realized that I have everything to be thankful for, really.
I'm really happy to be back in blog land and visiting you all here. If I don't know you and you are visiting for the first time, nice to meet you and glad you can stop by, if we have met, nice to see you again.

Sunday, October 14

Finding Light

These last several months have whirred past me. I find myself astonished how quickly the time has passed. Have you ever made a decision to just sit back and let life continue without interfering? I made that decision several months ago. It almost felt like an experiment, and in a way I will tell you it was. The decision to slow down and pay attention to other parts of life. I shifted focus to the everyday smaller moments. The light shining on a table, the voices of passers-by, the sound of the wind thru the leaves. I forgot about these smaller miracles that we are given everyday.
In spite of my best efforts to slow down, my life has still been incredibly fast paced. The demands of work, and physically moving to a new home have all been a little stressful. Brian and I made our best efforts to end the summer by getting away out west for some much needed relaxation. This is where I began feeling grounded again, collecting thoughts and pictures and journaling. It always seems that reminding myself to remain in the moment leads me back to the light. I am always seeking the light in a photograph, as well as in my thoughts. This light that brings attention to the flaws, the stains, all the little imperfections that are hidden in the shadows.

I'm beginning to understand why I love instant film, with all it's blurred parts, unpredictable character, flawed corners, overexposed, underexposed parts. It's alot like us. So much beauty in the imperfection. I can shoot the same photo subject repeatedly and get something completely unexpected each time. I find that fascinating. I have begun going thru a summer's worth of instant photography. I am so grateful to have these moments all journaled in pictures. I am happy to be back here from my hiatus, I am thrilled to be sharing here once again my Life In Pictures.
Welcome Autumn.