Saturday, December 31

A New Year, A New Challenge

I thought I would start the new year off with a project.
 If you are a lover of instant photography like me, you will love this project.
 I am starting off the year with a Flikr group project called
This Little Instant(*).
 You can go to the group page and read all those lovely little details later.

For those of you who are interested, but don't have an instant camera
 as of yet, I will share a few inspiring thoughts with you
 to help you get started with this project.

You will need some sort of instant camera. You can find them pretty cheap,
 like the Polaroid one steps which can be purchased via Ebay and Amazon.
 There are also the new Fuji and Polaroid instamatic cameras. I own an SX-70,
 a Polaroid spectra, and a land camera, none of which I paid very much for.
 Two of them were bought from a little second hand store here by me,
 and my land camera was bought on Ebay for 20.00!
 (Much cheaper than our lovely DSLR's we are shooting with now.)

There are many places to buy film, and a good place to start for some basic knowledge is
via The Impossible Project. Fuji and Polaroid websites offer some info.
 There are some video tutorials here and here and here.

If you have a new instamatic camera, you may need a video tutorial on exposing
 the photo to light and your settings.You can go here.
If you have not shot photos from a polaroid vintage camera,
 there is a tutorial here on shooting and shielding
 the instant photo from light,which I highly recommend viewing.

If you have questions, there is a group pool to start a new discussion which I encourage.

It is a good thing to learn from one another, as it makes us all better photographers and
aids in our creativity.
 I hope you will join me in this project and most of all I hope you
have fun and meet some new people thru this love we share of
 creating life in pictures ♥

Thursday, December 29

This photo was taken Christmas Day. Last year we took a walk on Christmas Day.
It was very snowy that day. We played hard and we laughed hard and we ran thru
the snow. We ushered in the new year like little hellions (yes, hellions).

This year, this season is quite calm and gentle. The weather has been mild and kind.
I feel the new year rolling in on a gentle wave. This is a year of numbers in my family.
50 for a few of us (wink*) and I say bring it on, yes bring it.

I am glad for these moments of recalling the last year and what it has brought me and where I
have traveled. Good times and tough times, they are a part of life and I will try my best to roll, roll, roll with them. All of the crazy, stupid, funny,awkward,unexplainable moments in my one-of-a-kind life.

It will always be me standing in the shadow of a moment in my life. A record in time of where I
was, and what I experienced. My photography has caused me to feel my mortality at times and
ponder on who will remember me.Will they understand what I was trying to do, what I was saying to them?

I am leaving my fears,insecurities,doubts and disappointments on the doorstep of 2012.

It is my desire to be a little more brave, embrace more moments, challenge myself in new ways.

More fresh air.

More paths to creativity.

More sharing with this community here in this space.

And I am bringing all of you with me ♥

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Monday, December 26

I decided to participate in The December Daybook Edition.

A December Wrap-up.

Today outside my window it is cold, rainy and dark. We were able to squeeze a walk in before
the dreary settled in for the day (yeah!)

I am thinking what the new year will bring. I have plans to move and downsize. There will
be 4 of us in B♥'s house, but it is good.

I am thankful for this years lessons.

In the kitchen are many leftovers to consume and be creative with. My plans are to eat
them, and replace them with more healthy ( we eat pretty healthy already but could improve for sure) choices.

I am wearing the yoga pants I walked in today, no jewelry a little make-up and my fave rebel

I am creating a new post for my monthly journal here. P.S.- I am now looking for guest

I am going to sit down with my family after this post and enjoy the evening before my workweek begins tomorrow.

I am wondering about all of the possibilities 2012 will bring.

I am reading the little book that came with this camera for Christmas.

I am hoping for a successful year in many ways.

I am looking forward to a little snowfall as we have had mostly warm weather so far
and I really miss those snowy days.

I am hearing rustling around again in the kitchen. Family foraging for food and snacks.

Around the house the Christmas lights remain on until New Years Day.

I am pondering about balancing my time more wisely in the new year.

One of my favorite things is shopping with my family on New Years Day and eating a meal out with them. It is becoming a tradition.

A few plans for the rest of the week include dinner out with the out of town family. A few additional postings here.

A Picture For Thought.......

What is happening with you in this moment?

Joining The December Daybook Edition.

I'd love to hear your plans and your going-ons.

Happy Adventures friends ♥

Wednesday, December 21

Here at home we are gearing up for a holiday.

I haven't been able to cross everything off my list but oh well.

Who said everything has to be perfect, right?

I'm posting this for you and sending a little




Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas


Joining The 12 Days of Texture, Many Muses Musing.

(Photo editing done in PSE with Kim Klassen texture "Providence" soft light at 90%.)

Sunday, December 18

                                                               Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1.) What is it?- How about a chocolate mouse on top of a white chocolate covered rice krispie treat
disguised as cheese (a little St. Nick's treat)

2.) Fur babies sleeping-my little guy Lucky taken with my hipstamatic app.

3.) Joy-one from the archives. Easter Sunday smiles.

**4.) Window-some lovelies in a little local gift store. Edited with Wonderful Magic "scripted" texture.

5.) Half-a little selfie in half of the mirror.

I always look forward to Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley.

Love the challenges.

Long list of "to do's" today.

Coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

Wrapping presents is on that lil' list.

I'm going to thank B♥ today for laying in my new kitchen countertops

in time for Christmas with a

smooch and hug.

We are enjoying a whole lotta sunshine this morning.

happy, happy, happy.

Have a helluva day friends.

** photo #4 edited with Kim Klassen textures for The 12 Days of Texture.

BTW- what is on your list ?

Saturday, December 17

A Gift For You....

All the Hemispheres

Leave the familiar for a while.

Let your senses and bodies stretch out

Like a welcomed season

Onto the meadow and shores and hills.

Open up to the Roof.

Make a new watermark on your excitement

And love.

Like a blooming night flower,

Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness

And giving

Upon our intimate assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.

All the hemispheres in existence

Lie beside an equator

In your heart.

Greet Yourself

In your thousand other forms

As you mount the hidden tide and travel

Back home.

 ♥ View another photo with KK texture here. ♥

Blessings to you this day friends.

Joining Many Muses Musing for "surprise",

The 12 Days of Textures

photo edited with KK "More Magic" overlay @ 85% in PSE.

Friday, December 16

Today's theme at Mortal Muses is "believe".

And yes I do.

I believe in renewal and second chances.

I believe life is too short not to pursue  your dreams.

I believe we are most happy when we allow life to just happen.

I believe we are most at peace when we focus on the bigger picture.

I believe chocolate is good for what ails you.

I believe you should have dessert every day.

I believe you can capture a moment of life

in a photo as no other will see it.

I believe we all have a story to tell.

I had much fun sharing here.

( Yes indeed.)

Joining along today with The 12 Days of Texture,

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Love, Peace and Joy, friends ♥

Monday, December 12

Whatever you do, never stop dreaming. -Darren L. Johnson


                                            A little muse and a little art for 12 Days of Textures.

                             *Edited in PSE, florabella texture "blushing" and "Lilly" by Kim Klassen.


                                                   Happy Happy Tuesday you good people ♥


Sunday, December 11

*Less Is More-little lovelies I found at a small cottage shop in a local town.***

*Holiday Lights-the little corner tree that fascinated me at a Christmas party this week.

*Ornaments-I loved these cookie ornaments. They caught my eye at an ice cream parlor.

*Cup of Cheer-This would me my kind of cup. I'm not really a drinker, but I'll take a
peppermint any day. (a little iphonagraphy)

*Nativity-This is on my mantle. I love it. It is the focus of my holidays.

This is the other focus of my holidays. Together with these little ladies.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon having lunch in a little town called Kimmswick.

It comes alive at Christmas with all sorts of little shops and lights.

The toy shops are incredible and the local restaurant is world famous.

(They hate to see the camera come out. They think it might really be

attached to my body permanently.)

They obliged for pictures and we spent the entire afternoon laughing

and having a great time.

( I love the holidays.)

I got to muse here this week also!

Joining today with Scavenger Hunt Sunday,

Capturing Beauty, Scenic Sunday, The Simple Things Sunday,


Happy Sunday friends.

*I'd love to hear about your holidays today. Please leave me a comment with a link to your post
and on my Tuesday main post I will have a link to yours!

Saturday, December 10

(the secret life of a house)

a house has a life of it's own

it has a heart and energy flow
*it gets life from those who dwell within

it knows many secrets over time

it will keep the laughter and smiles and store

them away in it's walls.  It will grow a soul over the

years. Those who live inside will add to the life of this

house and in return this house will become a home and

be a shelter and refuge. Many will come and go over time.

This house will remain and keep it's secrets and the little

pockets of happy and perhaps sad will hide away for safe

keeping. More will come and live inside and the house will

welcome them to live and make a life within.

This is the story of

(the secret life of a house)

*Dec.8 party at Finkman Flat.

Christmas cocktails,
warm winter gloves,
cats who snuggle,
St Nick's gifts,
holding a baby again,
talking to a long lost friend.
little joy pockets this week ♥

A festive musing joining with sixty two thousand miles,

photo Friday, Joy Pockets, and Fabulous Friday.

Happy little sweet Friday world.

Wednesday, December 7

This is nothing more than a photograph.

(some would say)

I am telling you it is so much more.

oh yes.

This photo represents a moment in time when it was

only she and I.

The things we did together, the mistakes we made

as mother and daughter.

We grew, and readied our little souls for

2 more ♥

They are all in this world ( these 4)

But this photo, this one stands for that time

 I had with her.

Sharing a blissful memory

because I'm feeling festive and happy for the season.

Thankful and reminiscing this eve.

My musings for 52 Photos Project, You Capture,

Texture Thursday, This or That Thursday.

Tuesday, December 6

Here at Home.

android photo, edited in photoscape.

Let today be what it is.

Joining with Wordless Wednesday (Project Alicia),
and Sixty Two Thousand Miles.

Monday, December 5

What a wonderful time of year.

Pretty twinkling lights.

Smiles between strangers exchanged.

I'm meeting new friends everyday.

Yesterday was really cold here and rainy.

Today we have flurries and even colder.

B♥ and I have been Christmas shopping when we can.

We both avoid the hustle and bustle.

Yes we are almost done.

Listening to this now.

Had a little feature here today.

I'm gonna go fix a hot chocolate

and snuggle up somewhere

with B♥.

Happy Tuesday friends.

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*editing done in photoscape.
*Kim Klassen "warm sun" texture applied to photo3
*bokeh caught in manual mode f3.5 and 1/40 with my Nikon d5000.

Sunday, December 4


I am always trying to capture my fat buddha. He does not like the camera, but this day he obliged.


A precious little photo that my 23 year old daughter painted in first grade. It still goes up every  Christmas.


Found this along the trail on one of my weekend hikes.


This was taken on a cold blustery, rainy day last week.


The day after Thanksgiving we went on a road trip. It was a beautiful day so we stopped just before the sun was setting at a very old cemetery. The light was incredible.

Starting the day with a little kitty love.

Joining today with Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday,
The Simple Things,Capturing Beauty (photo 5)

Have a most wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, December 3

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ~Charles Dickens

Musing on a festive note for Holiday Lights at Exploring with A Camera,

Shoot,Edit,Submit at Through A Photographer's Eyes


52 Photos for Twinkling Lights.

Ending the eve with some doggie love ♥ ( for you Christy)

Goodnight friends. It's all good.

Friday, December 2

Sometimes we all need inspiration to fire our creativity

wouldn't you agree?

Turning on some soulful music.

Floating thru Flikr on a cold blustery day when we have

a few stolen moments.

A change of scenery. Walking in the woods, a day trip with camera in tote.

Reading a few inspiring notes on musing.

BTW it never hurts to find your work featured  at places such as Shutter Sisters (wink*)

Lots of little joy pockets this week-

connecting with new faces 
practicing the art of allowing
wishing on a star ☼ and getting the wish

mocha mint coffe with peppermint mocha cream ♥

losing track of time

witnessing a friend from afar re-find her center

finding chocolate in my pocket

some much needed sleep

welcoming the season of cheer

Tending my soul garden

Sharing my Joy Pockets at Holistic Mama,
In The Studio Sneek Peek Friday, Fabulous Friday,
Photo Friday at The Hollie Rogue.

Grace and Peace to you this night friends.

Thursday, December 1

Just one little symbol. It's universal.

Joining in for Texture Thursday.