Friday, January 27

Notes on Bravery

I have never thought myself to be a writer or elaborate storyteller, yet I find myself these days needing to add more personal meaning to what it is I do here in this space. This photo represents a place where I sit quite often, even on the coldest of days. I love to sit in the morning with my tea and just let my mind wander. I have recently taken up journaling again, which I recommend. (The process of thoughts to paper can do much for any soul.) I have been thinking about how we all go thru "stuff" and how we all sort it out differently. I looked up the meaning of brave and a simple definition was, "having or showing courage." So who do we show our courage to if we don't exactly have it? What if I am scared, fearful of the outcome, worried about my future? How can I be brave? I decided I needed to show myself some courage. To show myself I could get up, live my life in spite of what was going on around me. There is a term for this, it is called bearing witness. That voice you hear that says things to you, good or bad. The one you constantly hear. "You shouldn't do that, don't eat that, don't trust him, you should do this and not that." Yes, you know that voice.* That is the one you show your bravest self to.

What does bravery look like? It is giving yourself a break, moving forward, realizing nothing happens by accident. How does bravery act? She gets up and she feeds her soul with the things that makes her heart sing. What colors do you love? Paint your toes. What music do you like? Turn it on. Try some better healthy foods that will feed your creativity and help you thrive. Make friends with those you know really deep down inside care about you and lift you up. Get plenty of rest, plenty to drink, smile, say hello,* practice your art wholeheartedly.

Am I up every day? Absolutely not, but I have learned to recognize where that voice nags at me and to ignore it. I have enjoyed all of you who have shared with me some of the things that have been going on in your life right this moment. For many of you I truly do understand. This community is what this is all about. Connections and friendships. We share thru our creativity. We understand this art of photography and why we do it. It feeds our souls and for some it is a living, but what joy if it is both for some of you.

I am sharing with some others today. It is my hope that you will visit them and say hello, and maybe connect with them along the way.

52 Linked-"Tired" this photo does represent where I come alot of days when I am tired and just seeking quiet.

{This is the collective group of women who are musing for 52 Linked.}

Focus 52-"Leading Lines" my lovely old steps I am currently stripping, kinda shabby...maybe.

Triptych-"Trust" yes, trust and bravery hold hands.

52 Photos-"Where I Lay My Head Down" yes, sometimes I do that in this space when the weather permits.

Three From Here and There-"Anatomy" my hands hold my journal which is close to me at all times these days. I am not

writing lengthy entries, just random thoughts, notes,about working things out and making life work.

If you are here, I want to thank you for visiting me for this post today. Please leave me a message on your thoughts.

Practice your art. Tell a story with your art. Practice bravery when required, seek out friends, be open to the next life

adventure. Be brave all you beautiful souls ♥


  1. Veronica! What a beautiful post!
    Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes, and when you least expect it sometimes.

  2. What a beautiful post and a GORGEOUS photo. Wow.

  3. Awesome photo! Love vintage feel. Tired can be so many things!

  4. I love this post. Just what I needed to hear, really.
    "What does bravery look like? It is giving yourself a break, moving forward, realizing nothing happens by accident. How does bravery act? She gets up and she feeds her soul with the things that makes her heart sing. "
    Lovely words. Indeed, nothing happens by accident.
    Love the photo. Great processing. So vintage looking.

  5. trusting yourself always comes first -- and then you can trust others. thanks for linking up over at triptych! a gorgeous image!

  6. Lovely post! Love the feel of your photo, almost mysterious. Very cool!

  7. I love how your one photo can represent so many photography challenges at once! I also love the vintage feel to it.

  8. Oh I'm so glad you linked up with Three - I love the way this photo feels as if it's from another time...

  9. lovely . . . thoughts and photo!

  10. A lovely, thoughtful post. Amazing to see your growth each day as I read your words and look at your photography. :)

  11. A beautiful post and I love your definition of bravery, that whole paragraph I could post on my wall :). Cheers to you friend, and to the lovely people we meet out here!!

  12. wow and wow.
    i need to practice bravery.
    thank you.
    love this.