Monday, January 30

Golden Moments

Happy Tuesday to you friends.  Hope today finds you in a creative spirit.

I have been inspired by the book I am reading, Walden, by Henry David Thoreau.

I find my self searching many times for a more simple pace.

To slow things down, and find a fresh perspective.

To find a simple happiness in those small, everyday moments.

You know, those ones we take for granted at times.

The smell of fresh morning coffee,

hearing the morning rain from the warmth of your bed.

Hearing the birds as the day becomes evening tending to

their last minute business in the fields.

The far away sound of a truck rolling down this lonely

road I sit near and gaze out to when I am in the moment.

These small things become golden.

These everyday moments we find to connect the bigger


The simplicity in living moment to moment.

Here's hoping you have many golden moments today friends.

Joining Texture Tuesday, Sweet Shot Tuesday,Photo Tip Tuesday.

Photo edited with Kim Klassen texture, "not too shabby" in soft light at 100%,
and "simplicity" in multiply at 60%, then erased at 4%. Phrase "simplicity"
credit of Henry David Thoreau, from Walden, "Where I Lived, What I Lived For."


  1. beautiful processing and nice write up!

  2. The photo, texture and quote - perfection!

  3. beautiful soft photo and wonderful post! i so agree with you!

  4. Nice bit of serendipity in your reading material and the TT theme... you've captured it perfectly here.

  5. this is really stunning! I love the texture and how soft the photo looks!

  6. Definitely agree with you, Vicky. I think I would rid our house of the television if my husband would let me. Not likely though. :)

    Love your photo and edit. And the quote.

  7. so lovely...what I have to remind myself all the time is life is much simpler if I let it be. It's easy to complicate and over think things isn't it?

    Happy Tuesday and cheers to the lovely texture!!

  8. Very pretty and very peaceful.

    If they had a like button on here, I would "like" your comment Nancy. I'm rethinking all the gaming in our house.