Monday, March 26

A Flower


Some time back I wrote a post on friendship and community.
The comments and feedback were wonderful and warm.
Many of you ladies had alot to say about what we share here
and how it is an outlet the has created more in your life.

Our art and desire to create are what binds us here.
I really felt sad when Lisa Gordon announced she would
be resigning from her web site to continue with some
personal life activities. I understood, but I was sad and
felt that Mondays would be a little blue without the Creative
Exchange to gather and share.

I guess it is the nature of life. We grow, and pursue and
move toward the next thing along our paths, and so it

I have found it most important to stay on schedule
lately with everything that is going on right now here
at home. It seems life is speeding as the weather gets warmer
and there is always more to do. Boy, do I understand, Lisa!

I have made a committment to dedicate a certain amount of
hours to editing and posting here on my blog.
Lately, my time is consumed with work, rehabbing
a house, getting a house ready to sell, and some traveling.

Am I doing everything I dream of doing? No, but I address
what life lays along my path and it works just fine for me.

By the way, the end of the month is my giveaway.
I posted here about it.
I have a linky thru the end of this week.
More info here. I would love for you to join us.

If you love vintage, iphonography, instant film,
as long as you create the art, you are welcome.

Happy Tuesday ladies. Embrace today and all it brings.

Joining Texture Tuesday, Sweet Shot Tuesday, Show Off Your Shot,
Tones on Tuesday, Project Alicia, Live and Love Out Loud.

Photo edited in PSE and photoscape.
Kim Klassen texture "Sweettreat" used.


  1. Thank you Veronica.
    Ending The Creative Exchange, at least for now, was one of the saddest decisions I've made, but given the unexpected and added responsibilities at work, I had no other choice.

    On a happier note, I am still trying to get around to visit as much as I can, and am not doing too badly with it.

    Sure glad I stopped by here, as this image is absolutely GORGEOUS!! So beautifully done.

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful evening.


  2. Such a lovely image, Vicky. One bloom is sometimes more effective and meaningful than a dozen. :)

    I so miss Lisa's link up on Mondays -- just leaves a hole in the week.

  3. i love your one blossom...beautiful

  4. I can surely identify with the need to keep on track with one's blog - time flies by so quickly and there's always so much to do...

  5. There is much here that I resonate with Veronica. Life has been a flurry of activity for me and being online just doesn't seem to fit very well right now. I have missed using my polaroid, posting my pics, reading and seeing other blogs, but other events in my daily life just fill up all those little spaces that blogging use to fill. This is not a bad thing, it is just what it is and I am enjoying it right now. So much so that I have considered perhaps blogging doesn't fit in my life at all anymore. But I don't think it's true. There are so many seasons that occur in our lives, things that involve change, shedding, renewing, evolving. My blog will weather this change as much as I will and one day will receive more energy again when I am ready :). I would love to join in your linky as there is so much for me to share, but we shall see if time permits :), and so it goes....

  6. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the speed of life, but if you try to find time to do what you like and not drop things aside, then good for you.

  7. This is very, very pretty! Isn't it amazing how the friends we make in blog land become such important parts of our lives?

  8. life ebbs and flows, we fight it or we jump in and go with it.

  9. Life always seems to have so much going on...there's a season for everything I suppose. Wonderful photo :)

  10. I love the soft, vintage feel of your photo. I felt the same way with Lisa's announcement, but you are right things must go on. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!