Sunday, March 25

Welcome to Everyday Moments

I have been on the hunt for new glasses for awhile now.

It didn't seem like a hard thing to accomplish when

I decided to start looking.

I realized I am alot pickier about price, color, quality than I thought.

I found these though, and instantly  loved them.

We are working around here with renovations

so we are homebound for the next couple

of weeks.

It will be great when we are done and free

to play on the weekends for awhile.

I do love how these glasses capture the light and shadows.

I decided to splurge and get these adorable juice

glasses, too. They are from Anthro and I think

I will keep them forever.

At least until the girls claim them as their own :-)

This first link is for your everyday moments in your life.

What is happening with you everyday? What sets the rhythm

in your life right now?

Are you proud of your cooking, of your home?

Share some moments you had with your family this week.

I added just a touch of some vintage colors in green and red tones.

I use Photoscape which has quite a few built in actions that

make for easy creations, but we'll chat about that another time!

(This link will remain open thru Saturday, March 31st.)

Joining Your Sunday Best, The Simple Things,

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  1. Happy to be your first contributor?

    Love the glasses. Look like depression glass. :)

  2. Lovely pics! I love the happy day glass!!

  3. And thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best, Vicky. Very much appreciated.

  4. Oh I love your everyday moments shots they are awesome. B

  5. Congrats on getting the link-up going!
    Love those "Happy Day" glasses.
    Photos and processing are very fitting for the vintage feel.