Tuesday, March 20

Smile Guys

Thought I would have a little fun and gather the family

for a quick snap.

This is not all of them sad to say, but nonetheless,

this is enough.

I hope your week is off to a grand start. Today was

the most beautiful in every way.

Hope you find satisfaction in your art.

Happy spring friends.

Long live vintage photography.♥

Can I get an amen?

Photo edited with Kim Klassen "revolution" in soft light at 30%.

Another layer added in normal at 100%, then erased at 8%.

That's it ladies!

Joining Texture Tuesday, Sweet Shot Tuesday.


  1. Awwww - that's cute. We have some oldie goldies as decor here and there as well. A good way to teach our grandkids about the past. Thanks for a lovely visit for Sweet Shot Tuesday.

  2. i only dream on having these many cameras!
    great shot

  3. What a nice little family you have there. :-)

  4. loving the contrasts between models.