Tuesday, March 13

Magic Moments

There are memories to go with this picture.

I told the story here.

It is a story from my childhood, a story of those

moments as a child when everything is new and


Moments we experienced as children.

This photo is part of a last series of photos

and story of a farmhouse that once was.

a story of recollection, remembering and the

beauty of everyday life.

I found this lovely little necklace not very long ago.

I have been holding on to it.

I am giving it to someone very soon.

Maybe it will be you!

All you have to do is leave me a comment about a magic moment you

recall as a child. Now it doesn't have to be lengthy, ok?

Be as short or as detailed as you want.

Join the blog here, add your comment and let me know

you are a follower and you will be added twice for the drawing!

Sound easy?

Great, can't wait to hear from you!

This magic moment was edited in PSE with yesteryear in soft light at 30%

and mad love in linear burn at 78% with some glow distortion added, that's all!

Hope your week is off to a great start.

I was sad to hear of The Creative Exchange news today....we will miss you Lisa Gordon

every Monday. Thank you for all the beauty you have given us! macro love ♥

P.S. Do you love a challenge in photography?

Stay tuned, next week I will be announcing my weekly link party.

"Magic Moments"

I hope you will be joining me.

For now, Happy Tuesday friends.

Be happy in the small things.

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  1. I'm happily following you now. My magic moment - hmmm - I remember my younger brother had surgery on his feet and was confined to a wheelchair for a few months. It was an old wicker wheelchair. Our house was the only one on the street with a cement driveway. I would push the wheelchair up and down the driveway - I had my roller skates on. It was fun for me - he was probably terrified!

  2. I love your shot of the girl. Deserted house and she with "ballerina" dress, so lonely and vulnerable but so beautiful.

  3. Love that image, the gungyness of the farmhouse in contrast to the light dream like quality that surrounds the girl. Beautifully processed.

  4. The ethereal feeling of the first photo is beautiful and the softness of the tones works so well to tell the story. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!

  5. I agree, this shot is lovely and ethereal. I just had a quick look through your posts, what a lovely selection of photographs, wow!

  6. Love following you :). Hmm, a magic moment...all the magic moments I'm remembering have to do nature and being outside--the hill of wildflowers I use to hide in behind our house when we lived in CA, I was two. The dirt hill under our balcony stairs that my brother and I use to play race cars in and the robin's nest full of blue eggs that we could peek into every spring, I was 8, , my grandparent's lake where we would swim for hours then catch lightening bugs as the sun settled down, I was 10...these are the sprinklings I remember that bring a smile to my heart and spirit...thanks for making me remember...

  7. glad you relinked to this as i missed it.
    magic moment..... carefree moments in the summer, of tadpoles and swings and poll-time until our lips turned blue. when i felt the least anxiety as a sensitive child. the days seemed endless, childhood seemed a treasure.

  8. My magic moment that I will cherish forever... One hot summer today when our family was still all together... When I was five, my brother 11 and my sister 13.. we were enjoying a group hug with dad on a hot summer day. Dandelion seeds floating by in the air, the cool water on the slip and slide waiting for us and the warmth of their bodies against mine, there was just love. This is the magical summer memory that brings tears to my eyes. A perfect moment in time that I hold onto 21 years later...and forever more.