Tuesday, April 3

A Soft Vignette of Spring

These delicate beauties don't last long. They bloom and are gone in a flash. The weather here
is bright and sunny and warm, warm, warm! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.
Easter is upon us and I plan on escaping to a restful, relaxing weekend of outdoors with lots
of wilderness and crystal clear water where I will lay my head at night.
Hoping this Tuesday finds you all in a good place.
BTW, the necklace winner is Pat at The Artful Diva. Congrats Pat!

Stay tuned for next week's linky for "Everyday Moments"
It will go live on Monday, April 9th, and run thru the end of the week.
Hope you can join us!

"waterstained frame used"
and "aged photo effect" from Shadowhouse.

Be well. Be happy. Be at peace.


  1. What beautiful effects! It adds so much to the lovely dogwood image.

  2. their softness works well against the grunge. what sweet flowers. enjoy yourself!


  3. I love all the spring blooms, and I am sad when they are gone. Too soon, it gets green and hot (+ gnats). This is a lovely photo!