Tuesday, February 21

An Invitation For You

If you were here, I would offer you a cup of tea and a cozy chair

so we could chat awhile. I would ask you how you are doing.

I would want to know where you grew up and who your family


I would ask you about things that only women talk about amongst

themaelves like friendships, heartbreaks, first loves, children, favorite

foods. I would ask you if you are well. I would want to know about

the sadness that you may have had ,(or have) and what things make you

happy in this life. I would exchange hugs with you and make plans to get

together again very soon.

Alas, we are apart physically, but I still want to share these things with

you my loyal friends. So, I will start today with ten things about me

that you might like to know.

I just turned 50 this year, and I am still freaked out at times because

I don't know how I got here so fast.

I have one daughter who is 23. She is an insulin dependent diabetic. I am a nurse.

I have had many years of insomnia, many days I am incredibly tired.

I played volleyball in high school and lettered for 3 years.

I hate housework.

I love cooking. My fave food is Thai.

One of my favorite lunches is a tuna fish sandwich and

cheese popcorn  (pure indulgence).

Okay so that is my first ten "Things About Me."

I would love to hear things about you, too.

I was inspired by Reena the other day reading her bio

and felt like I knew so much about her after I was done.

 Thank you for that, Reena ♥

I called this creation , "Tea, deconstructed",

to show you a little bit about my daily tea habits.

The tea I am enjoying is Body and Mind, a white loose

leaf tea (orchid and jasmine).

I have made a commitment to live healthier

and I gave up the soda, too!

Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends.

Tea is a cup of life. ~Author Unknown

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Tones on Tuesday, Photo Tip Tuesday.

Kim Klassen texture "felicity" used in PSE in color burn @ 73%.


  1. Beautiful pic, everything looks so well placed! :-)

  2. Thank you, I like this post very much...not only the photo,but also the writing...
    Greetings, Birgitt

  3. Belated Happy Birthday wishes. I know what you mean about how fast time flies by - I celebrated a milestone birthday this year too. I hope you get some rest - you deserve a good night's sleep!

  4. I truly enjoyed reading this post Veronica, and what a lovely still life this is!

  5. this would make such a cute print for a kitchen! I love it, especially the little heart made of tea leaves!

  6. I loved this.... reading about you and the photo. I love the composition and the texture. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your photo and your post are both so inviting... I'd love to draw up a chair and chat over tea!

  8. love the entire thing - the loose tea leaves and the very specific layout + the words in the post...I would love to share tea with you!

  9. Gorgeous! Really beautiful setup

  10. Beautiful photo. Your processing is so soft and dreamy. A fun ten things about you, too! :-)

  11. Lovely my friend. Loved learning more about you. Happy belated :). Ten things about me: I am half Japanese, I am still madly in love with the French boy I married, I will learn to play the banjo before I die, my favorite foods are Korean and Japanese, hiking and being immersed in the trees is my church, I can't go a day without music, you have helped inspire my love for photography and polaroids, reading, knitting, and writing are my restitution, my heart is breaking now for the family I will be leaving behind in 7 days, my favorite tea that I would bring to share with you is citrus, sage, and lavender tea (teavana :).

    1. Oh I love your ten things also. Should we start something here? Maybe when you are settled friend. I know things are hectic right now!

  12. Lovely photo. Is that your reflection in the spoon?

  13. lovely pic, composition, the idea, and post processing!

  14. beautiful photo edit and that tea sounds delicious. i would definitely love to pop over. chat and chai being my faves.

  15. oh, my! this is one of the best posts i have read anywhere in a long time. i love that you made it about you, but you made it about others, too. i recently read on a writer's blog that the reason we choose creative lives {those of us who are artists and creatives} is to connect. and that is very much what this post is about... and so artistically and compellingly so. i'd love to join you in this. i'm curious if you wanted others to share things about themselves with you here in the comments, or by posting a similar post ourselves. i'd like to do it that way, and then link to your post... if that's okay. i think you should start a little "tea deconstructed" series that people can join you in. {maybe that was already your plan... i hope so!} anyway, i simply love this. the photo... swoon!

    we have some things in common... i hate housework, and my favorite food is thai, too! i do love tuna fish sandwiches, but i have never had one with cheese popcorn. i will have to give that a whirl. my comforting "pure indulgence" is a grilled cheese sandwich {extra cheese... and the real thing... cheddar, not processed american} with a nice hot bowl of tomato soup complete with a dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt. oh, and tea? i LOVE tea. there... now you know a tiny bit about me. but, again, i think i'll do a full ten things post in response on my blog.

    love love love your post and thoughts and image here!

    1. Everything sounds like a good idea! You are so inspirational.