Saturday, February 18

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Love-One of the most popular topics this past week. This rose is from a beautiful
bouquet my daughter's boyfriend sent her. The quote is from one of my favorite
poets, E.E.Cummings.

Duplicated-I've been shooting my polaroids more since starting my group on

Trending-This would be trending in my home and probably elsewhere I
suppose. We are thinking of a warmer climate, sun,sand, beach and reminiscing
of past times we spent along the ocean.

Paper-I love those little messages you get in your fortune cookie. I'm a
sucker for them everytime. I keep them and tuck them away in books
only to be surprised by them later, or even better someone else finds them!

Plastic-This sweet little dinosaur came in my box with my dreamy diana lens
I ordered recently. We have had fun with him, he shows up from time to time
in different places around home. He is worth the smiles.

Sunday for us will be getting outside for some fun and recreation.
Missouri Dept. of Conservation is holding their annual photo
contest and I am joining in this year, wish me luck!

This is where Sunday morning breakfast begins.

This is the tea wisdom for today.

Here's to an awesome Sunday that lasts a little longer than usual.

Happy day, get out and live.
Thank you friends for stopping here
and sharing pieces of your lives with me everyday ♥

Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour."
- John Boswell

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  1. I'm trying to figure out why a dinosaur stowed away in a camera lens box - - -

  2. Lovely set of photos, love the plastic really fun.

  3. What would a Sunday be without beautiful photos around the world, like yours...

  4. Love them all, but I think the duplicate photo is particularly clever.

    Good luck with the photo contest!

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best, Vicky.

  5. What a fantastic collection. Right down to the plastic dino! Fantastic. I really love your Chinese fortune. I hope it comes true : )

  6. I got a little triceratops with my Diana Lens. I though my kids had included it. (It was a Christmas present.)

    All wonderful shots here, especially the first photo of the rose. I really like the vintage effect.

  7. These are fantastic! Love the vintage feel you gave them all!

  8. Great the rose...simply beautiful!

  9. Such beautiful shots. The Duplicate one is so creative, great interpretation.

  10. These are all such wonderful shots. I am certainly dreaming of lovely summer weather too.

  11. Beautiful shots! My favorite was your tea cup with message shot!

  12. Well done. Love the fortune cookie message, excellent shot.

  13. Oh I adore your creativity with your duplicate prompt!

  14. Very cool post of images. I agree with Kathy about the creativity of the duplicate prompt.

  15. Great finds and wonderful effects.

  16. Great shots. I especially love that beach one and its effects!

  17. Another beautiful set - I just love your processing. Makes your photos shine!

  18. first time here! great set of pictures... I checked your tea wisdom for the day - what a lovely teacup.

  19. I like the paper take the most..and the beachy items trend is next...

  20. Love these pieces of your life - like a scrapbook of now. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us at Three!

  21. I like this a lot - great mix! :-)

  22. Magical.

    & ee cummings has been quite significant in my life.

    I read that poem at my sister's funeral.

    I carry your heart....I carry it with me.


  23. That first picture is my favorite. I'm a sucker for ee cummings.

    Now I want a dreamy Diana lens. Will I ever stop wanting more lenses?

  24. lovely photos you have here..i might try picking fortune cookies one day