Friday, February 17

The Earth Under My Feet

I did not travel far today to find beauty.

I traveled to Strawberry Creek in search of the deer.

Oh, I know this place like the back of my hand.

I know every path, every creekbed, even the secret paths

that no one else knows how to get to, I know them.

In these photos is the simple beauty of nature in a moment.

The earth waits and offers her gifts to me when I stand still

for a moment and listen and look.

I look up and I see the veil of light.

Today is warm, the deer tracks cross over the path I walk.

I hear the birds as they sing me along my way.

This is my gift today she gives me.

I feel the movement of awakening,

of longer days, roots stretching and

shooting towards the sun.

I look and I see. I listen and I hear.

I reach out and I feel her.

She offers herself today.

a breeze, a bud, the earthy smell of soil,

the dogs that find me on this path,

the mud that pulls me down and

I am stuck for a moment, and that

in itself reminds me to remain grounded.

She is always with me. She offers me this place

where I stand today. 

She is the earth under my feet.

(Mother Earth.)

My joy is sharing these earth wanderings with you, my friends.

Happy Friday.

“The whole world is, to me, very much "alive" - all the little growing things, even the rocks. I can't look at a swell bit of

grass and earth, for instance, without feeling the essential life - the things going on - within them. The same goes for a

mountain, or a bit of the ocean, or a magnificent piece of old wood.”    

Ansel Adams

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  1. So felt the same way today on my walk as well! Lovely post.

  2. lovely post and photos.

    i love the reflections in the first one.

    have a great weekend!

  3. beautiful post and photos.....

  4. Beautiful. The first is reminiscent of Escher :).
    Stay inspired!

  5. Your post was lovely. The words were very heartfelt and meaningful and the photo's were beautiful.

  6. Love the photo reflections and your personal reflections that accompany the images. I especially like how the rivulets of water above your boots have a turquoise cast to them. Thank you for sharing with Photo Art Friday!

  7. Beautiful reflections in that first shot!

  8. What a wonderful post Veronica, and I just LOVE those boots!

  9. Beautiful prose to go with a set of pretty images. I like the combination of looking down, up and then down again. Nice series.

  10. Thank you for sharing your passion. It is evident how much you love the earth. It is such a beautiful canvas. And your words you chose are beautiful and a perfect compliment. I especially loved the reflection in that first photo. Thanks so much for sharing and linking to our Poetic Winter Photography Challenge!

  11. I so, so love these photos and your words. The first and last photos are my favorites. Thanks so much for joining us in the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge. We're moving on to our final theme on Friday, Calm. Hope you'll stop by and join us again. Have a great day!