Friday, February 3

Still Lingering

I have been feeling the creative urge lately,

as my word is "create" for this year.

A desire to say something differently

that has perhaps already been said.

The warm days of winter are still lingering here.

The trees out back are budding and the birds

have remained and are finding plenty of food from the

woods that we are surrounded by.

I was happy to be featured here this last week

and also here.

I have loved hearing your thoughts on bravery and

about being you. Some of you struggle with allowing

yourself the freedom to say what you want to really say.

I will tell you this is why we collectively meet here and

allow ourselves this space. To Be Who We Really Are,

and carry that along with us into everyday life.

I would certainly love to hear your thoughts on your goals

and dreams for this year.

Is it a new camera? A new job, or relationship?

My new post for The Monthly Soul Journal is here.♥

How are you doing with you?

Let me know how you tend to yourself, and remain centered

and healthy.

Happy Friday my dear friends.

Hope this day finds you ready for weekend


Joining Project Alicia for Poetic Winter,"solitude"

Fabulous Friday, Triptych-"Bold"

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(the theme is sleep, but honestly I just crave sleep but really, I am the proverbial insomniac.)


  1. I love this shot. You are so creative! And your processing is so wonderfully moody. dreams for the camera? Yes, please. But I guess I'd rather just have some peace of mind. The past year has been a tough one with some health issues that have pulled me down. Just want to dig my way out at this point. Tired of being down in this hole, alone.

  2. LOVE your interpretation! Has so much feeling!

  3. I also love how you process your photos. Oh, and please add me to your link list for Project 52.

    And I dream of a new lens, along with a week at the beach with my family :)

  4. Beautiful, artistic shot. And btw, I think I have those boots. :) Thanks so much for joining the Poetic Winter Challenge!

  5. If you've got it... ya know the rest! Great shot, Vicky. :)

  6. Love your take on solitude. Thank for stopping by The Cottage on the Corner and leaving a comment. It's greatly appreciated.

  7. What a wonderful interpretation of Solitude! Thanks for joining us in the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge. If you haven't already downloaded the freebie of the week, stop by my place when you get a chance! Next week's theme will be Warmth. Have a great weekend. :)

  8. By the way, I pinned your photo to our Poetic Winter Pinterest board. :)

  9. I adore your creative eye. Beautiful.