Saturday, February 4

Happy Sunday

** Strike a Pose-This is a photo I just edited for Urban Muser's {in the picture} project

I am participating in this year. The current theme is, "write on!" This is my

my 2nd entry for this challenge. My word for this year is "create" and I am exploring

some new areas over in Flikr land.

Footwear- So odd for it to be February and to be completely comfortable with

these shoes. I love the hearts, quite nice for the month of February. I participate

in a group called, "From Where I Stand." A photo of where you are standing

in any particular moment and the ground where you are. I love these

photos because they really are fun to shoot and they keep me in the moment.

Hobby-This is one of my polaroid cameras I took with my polaroid spectra. I have

gotten some expired film that is creating some lovely photos. I am also participating in

some projects here and my own project here.

Shiny-My SX-70 and some of my recent polas. I love the depth of field that

this camera produces.

(***) Color Me Green- Having a cup of morning tea, and a great message to absorb. ♥

Joining Scavenger Hunt Sunday,

(***) Your Sunday Best which I am so glad is back. ( it is one of the first linkys

I ever had enough nerve to link to!)

Sunday Snapshot, The Simple Things,

** The Weekend in Black and White.

Happy Sunday friends. Enjoy this day.


  1. Great set love your strike a pose.

  2. I like your work.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. I love the swirl of the skirt in your first photo.

    I have an SX-70. Brilliant camera, but I can't find film anywhere.

  4. These are all stunning! Great finds!

  5. What lovely captures...beautiful!

  6. I'm in love with that first shot - it's stunning.

  7. Some really sweet shots here. Especially enjoyed the first.

  8. Oh my that first shot is so dream like. I want those shoes with the glitter hearts... love.

  9. Very lovely series. That first one is magnificent! Have a fabulous week.

  10. I love your selfie...saw it over on the Flickr pool. What I love about your photography is that you have a definite "style". 9 times out of 10 I can tell this is one of YOUR photos before I even see who posted it. Lovely. I yearn to someday achieve that signature look.


  11. I agree with Kathy, Vicky. Your photographs are so consistently awesome. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing with us at Your Sunday Best. :)

  12. Beautiful! I love the tone of the last one, and the saying too : )

  13. Fabulous set, love your "strike a pose" and 'footwear"! "Green" is wonderful!

  14. I love your self portrait! I'm also participating, but haven't done anything yet with this month's theme. Well done!

  15. Lovely. The shoes in winter - simply adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Great set, love the edits!!