Sunday, January 8

One Color-How about shades of blue? (I debated about this one for empty, because
my sink is empty for a short instant!)

Laundry-the little shot of the laundry area, and some background scenery to add to it.

Empty-My empty lonely polaroid land camera. Waiting on my film to arrive.

One Dozen-My variety of teas I consume. There really are dozen here, you can
see corners under packages. Kind of fun to try and count them all.

Soft-my morning breakfast area in the morning light.

Fun as always doing the Sunday Scavenger Hunt.

We are slowly getting back into the swing of the routines here.

Putting away Christmas, purging the old, making room

for the new.

This Little Instant(*) is underway and I am loving

the creativity that this group has.

If you love instant photography, or are curious

and thinking about learning more, read here.

We would love to have you.

Joining Scavenger Hunt Sunday, Project 52,

Sunday Snapshot, Creative Everyday 2012.

Have a happy, happy Sunday friends.


  1. Love the photos you shared here. The one dozen shot of teas shows a kind of tea I have not yet tried, yogi tea.

    Thanks for commenting on my photos today!

  2. great set. i love that the laundry one has the same tone as the feeling doing laundry gives me: grey and bleak.

  3. Great shots - love the dozen tea's. The colors on that one make me happy!

  4. I can't wait to hear more about that Polaroid- how exciting is that!!

  5. Your One Color photo is my favorite so far! Cool perspective, and the toning is pretty!

  6. Great photos. I love tea and I love that you have a view from your laundry room.

    I am your newest follower. If you want to check my blog out and follow back I am at:

    Happy Sunday!


  7. Beautiful job - your processing and lighting is fantastic.

  8. Love your photos... the sink is empty AND clean. At least more clean than mine. :-)
    Love the Yogi tea pic, and the last one, of the chair. Stunning, really.
    Found you via CED... Great work!

  9. Great takes on these - especially love the "empty" pic! :-)

  10. These were great. Some different perspectives. I like your Empty, One Dozen and Soft a great detail.

  11. Love your set! 'One color' and 'soft' are my favorites...

  12. I must have missed this linkup that week, but it's great, and I love the first shot!