Saturday, December 31

A New Year, A New Challenge

I thought I would start the new year off with a project.
 If you are a lover of instant photography like me, you will love this project.
 I am starting off the year with a Flikr group project called
This Little Instant(*).
 You can go to the group page and read all those lovely little details later.

For those of you who are interested, but don't have an instant camera
 as of yet, I will share a few inspiring thoughts with you
 to help you get started with this project.

You will need some sort of instant camera. You can find them pretty cheap,
 like the Polaroid one steps which can be purchased via Ebay and Amazon.
 There are also the new Fuji and Polaroid instamatic cameras. I own an SX-70,
 a Polaroid spectra, and a land camera, none of which I paid very much for.
 Two of them were bought from a little second hand store here by me,
 and my land camera was bought on Ebay for 20.00!
 (Much cheaper than our lovely DSLR's we are shooting with now.)

There are many places to buy film, and a good place to start for some basic knowledge is
via The Impossible Project. Fuji and Polaroid websites offer some info.
 There are some video tutorials here and here and here.

If you have a new instamatic camera, you may need a video tutorial on exposing
 the photo to light and your settings.You can go here.
If you have not shot photos from a polaroid vintage camera,
 there is a tutorial here on shooting and shielding
 the instant photo from light,which I highly recommend viewing.

If you have questions, there is a group pool to start a new discussion which I encourage.

It is a good thing to learn from one another, as it makes us all better photographers and
aids in our creativity.
 I hope you will join me in this project and most of all I hope you
have fun and meet some new people thru this love we share of
 creating life in pictures ♥


  1. sounds fun! lots of new projects for the new year :) i need a little inspiration to shoot with my polaroid cameras more often.

  2. I'm hoping to get to know my polaroid camera better in the new year and this sounds like a wonderful project to join! thanks!

  3. Okay, I think I neede an instant camera!

  4. sounds awesome!! love polaroids :)!!

  5. I can't wait to see the photos in this group. I'm so fascinated with film photography and the images I've been seeing from some of our girls :)