Thursday, December 29

This photo was taken Christmas Day. Last year we took a walk on Christmas Day.
It was very snowy that day. We played hard and we laughed hard and we ran thru
the snow. We ushered in the new year like little hellions (yes, hellions).

This year, this season is quite calm and gentle. The weather has been mild and kind.
I feel the new year rolling in on a gentle wave. This is a year of numbers in my family.
50 for a few of us (wink*) and I say bring it on, yes bring it.

I am glad for these moments of recalling the last year and what it has brought me and where I
have traveled. Good times and tough times, they are a part of life and I will try my best to roll, roll, roll with them. All of the crazy, stupid, funny,awkward,unexplainable moments in my one-of-a-kind life.

It will always be me standing in the shadow of a moment in my life. A record in time of where I
was, and what I experienced. My photography has caused me to feel my mortality at times and
ponder on who will remember me.Will they understand what I was trying to do, what I was saying to them?

I am leaving my fears,insecurities,doubts and disappointments on the doorstep of 2012.

It is my desire to be a little more brave, embrace more moments, challenge myself in new ways.

More fresh air.

More paths to creativity.

More sharing with this community here in this space.

And I am bringing all of you with me ♥

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  1. love the thought of a family walk on Christmas day. beautiful. welcome to 'Earth Wonders' and sixty-two. hope you have a great New Years Eve too. I'm a new GFC follower ;) xxo

  2. Family walks are always a big hit with us! And I took some amazing pics on those walks too. And I agree, more fresh air needed in 2012!

  3. I did alot of thinking and looking back and forward the year I turned 50. It was a painful but rewarding experience. :)

  4. This is such a beautiful post. I love your attitude and your photos are wonderful!

  5. A beautifully introspective post, and such creative captures. Blessings for a successful new year for you.


  6. it was so nice on Christmas here we took a stroll too!

  7. i really enjoyed your post and your photos!
    very appealing images.
    thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Beautiful post, and beautiful photos!

  9. You actually made me look up the word hellion, haha, it makes (a bit) more sense to me now LOL.
    I love how the black and white-tones give depth and warmth to your pictures. I've hardly ever seen images that render so well a certain feeling - in a way you understand the feeling more by looking at the picture than having it explained to you....

  10. Wonderful post. Beautiful photos. They have a such a feel to them that goes so well with your words.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year!
    I was laughing at your comment about being hellions.... what better way to welcome a new year! Hee