Monday, December 26

I decided to participate in The December Daybook Edition.

A December Wrap-up.

Today outside my window it is cold, rainy and dark. We were able to squeeze a walk in before
the dreary settled in for the day (yeah!)

I am thinking what the new year will bring. I have plans to move and downsize. There will
be 4 of us in B♥'s house, but it is good.

I am thankful for this years lessons.

In the kitchen are many leftovers to consume and be creative with. My plans are to eat
them, and replace them with more healthy ( we eat pretty healthy already but could improve for sure) choices.

I am wearing the yoga pants I walked in today, no jewelry a little make-up and my fave rebel

I am creating a new post for my monthly journal here. P.S.- I am now looking for guest

I am going to sit down with my family after this post and enjoy the evening before my workweek begins tomorrow.

I am wondering about all of the possibilities 2012 will bring.

I am reading the little book that came with this camera for Christmas.

I am hoping for a successful year in many ways.

I am looking forward to a little snowfall as we have had mostly warm weather so far
and I really miss those snowy days.

I am hearing rustling around again in the kitchen. Family foraging for food and snacks.

Around the house the Christmas lights remain on until New Years Day.

I am pondering about balancing my time more wisely in the new year.

One of my favorite things is shopping with my family on New Years Day and eating a meal out with them. It is becoming a tradition.

A few plans for the rest of the week include dinner out with the out of town family. A few additional postings here.

A Picture For Thought.......

What is happening with you in this moment?

Joining The December Daybook Edition.

I'd love to hear your plans and your going-ons.

Happy Adventures friends ♥


  1. Hi Veronica - Just joined your blog this evening - Hoping you had an enjoyable holiday weekend and I am wishing the Happiest of New Years - Love your blog so far, look forward to reading more ...

  2. Just wanted to stop & Wish you a wonderful & Happy New Year. I am looking forward to the adventures of the new year as well. I see you have Instax camera LOVE mine.. So fun :)

  3. Just dropped by to ready your daybook! Great pics! I love my camera!

    Tänia of
    Simply God's Girl

  4. Awesome photos Veronica, and loved your day book too:). Let us know what you think of the instax! I'm still learning the Holga (which I think you inspired me to get btw!) I also am happy to know that you loved CO. We are moving at the end of February to Boulder!
    Best wishes for celebrating and bringing in the new year!
    Ps. Would be happy to guest post!

  5. My goodness, these photos are so beautiful Veronica!! They are magical....

    May you have a beautiful New Year!! And Thank you for visiting me on my blog :*