Sunday, January 1

2011-Memories,Dreams, and Reflections

This is me-my year heading to the 5-0 soon. It was just little more than a year
ago I lost a job, gained a job, started a blog, took up photography again and
made a commitment to pursue the things that were tugging at my heart. I
was featured here and here. There was more here and here. Boy, did that make
my day. Signs that showed me I was headed down the right path. This blogging
is a time suck I must admit at times, but I wouldn't trade what
I am doing now, nor what I have done. No, not at all.

Still Laughing-This photo pretty much sums it up. The guys wanted to do it for a laugh, and
I said let's do it. The passers by had the biggest chuckle. I laugh everytime I look at
this photo.

All Smiles-A shot where I chopped off her head, but nonetheless, I love her unabashed
joy in this photo ♥

Dress Up-This shot was of all the younger girls in the family playing dress up on my dad's
birthday weekend we all spent together. They had alot of fun with this little "supermodel
runway" session.

I Love You- This is Brian in Colorado this summer. It was a beautiful day and we had
gotten lost in a little mountain town in Colorado. We decided to just give up and
take a little break in the town only to find a beautiful little park to rest
in. I love him for all his constant support,kindness, and his understanding thru
these last 2 years of my life challenges.

Summer Days- Part of our summer was spent in Colorado. We took a hike up high in the
mountains. The sky was so blue, the sun so bright and we kept hiking up until we ran
into snow so deep we couldn't hike anymore. I will never forget this day and photos
of this trip help me remember this day always. I want to return here soon.

Let's Do It Again- We stayed in a deep canyon in Moab, Utah this summer in an area called
Onion Creek. It is a dry, arrid canyon with beautiful native flowers, red rock formations
and complete quietness. We got into the canyon in the late evening just before the
sun was setting. We decided against setting up our tent and slept in the back of our
jeep. No bugs, no animal sounds, just calm and quiet and the night sky and stars which
were incredible. We could see the milky way running across the night sky. I literally
fell in love with this place that night. It was magical to see the sky with no
distortion from any city lights at all. The night so dark, you could not see your hand
in front of your face.

Beautiful- These are some of the canyon flowers I found in Moab, Utah. Morning sun
captured them and their colors.

I Was Inspired- After seeing some of the most beautiful photos I have seen taken with
instant film here and here, I was hooked. I began a search for a working polaroid camera.
It was incredible when Brian told me he had an old one in his closet he had not used in years.
So I began shooting, and this year I have begun this new project. You can read more here
with details.

My Favorite- This was Easter this year. It was cool and rainy, but we found some beauty in the day.
This cabin is on Brian's parents property. They celebrate every Christmas Eve there and I just
love that little front porch. His father built it by himself when Brian was young and we spent
Christmas morning there this year.

Just Because- Just because I have a love of incredible sunsets.

Hopes and Dreams- I want to continue on this path. I don't feel like anything ended
just because 2011 ended. Oh my yes there were some real downs this past year,
but there were more than enough highs in my life to bury those sad feelings I
had been becoming accustomed to. I am looking forward to this ride in 2012. Today
blew in like a hurricane literally. Strong winds, cold air, sun and a new year.
Away with the past, today is a new day. What will tomorrow bring? I have
learned that every trial comes bearing it's own gifts, it really does. The lessons
I have learned from the sad and bad have multiplied the joy in the bright
moments and in my everyday life. Hello 2012. I'm opening my arms to
more bravery and creativity. This past year was my year to just "go for it"
and trust my own feelings. That practice has taken me miles. What are
you embracing this year? What is your mantra? Will you embrace, be
brave, create, inspire, find faith? Today is a good day to set your path.
Today is just a grand day to stand in your path you are on and welcome
whatever comes.

Joining Ashley today.

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

and Stefanie

Sunday Snapshot

and Rebecca


  1. i love the "feel" of every single one of these!

  2. Wow! Great shots, and such a year. Good for you!! Here's to more and more in 2012

  3. Ok, these pictures are amazing!!!! Beautiful!!!

  4. It looks like you had a very, very beautiful year. I love the cropped head picture the absolute best! I crop off heads all the time. I love that you captured such a sensational smile. WOW! And by the way, you are gorgeous. Seriously. Amazing : )

  5. Gorgeous set, love the selfie, the all smiles shot and just because. Still laughing is a crack up!

  6. Love your processing on these shots - very interesting...and inspiring. I love your all smiles shot - how happy!

  7. Great shots! I love the variety of looks in this post...shows off a great year!

  8. Love the selfie & the trip to CO. We did a similar trip this last fall so it was really cool to see someone else's photos from the same area. :)

  9. Gorgeous post!!! I loved seeing flashes of your past year, but mostly I loved reading about what you have overcome. Through trials and heartache we learn a lot about ourselves, and I think it's clear that the risks you have taken are repaying you for your courage. Congrats friend. And another thing, the pictures of CO are breathtaking! And on that note, I will be embracing awareness and will try to enjoy every moment as it comes. This year will be upheaval, but in a good way, embracing the new and accepting change. Happy new year!!

  10. I love your last shot! Very thoughtful post!

  11. What a great story and some really beautiful photos.