Monday, January 9

The Collector

**The Collector is my other name.

I choose this because it fits me well.

I wander along a little path in the woods

and I am looking down to find treasures.

One of a kinds. I now have many treasures:

feathers. rocks. fossils. butterflies.

birds nests. old pottery. old rusted metal.

I found this along a flooded plain while walking

yesterday. It is made with the wild little grapevines

that grow in the area.

I am thinking today how fragile it is.

How it was home once upon a time.

It created life and shelter from the harshness.

I love that all these small findings tell a story.

I love my little diana lens and how

it has a mind of it's own and it creates

a mood in a photo at will. dreamy little diana

(I am the collector.)

a little musing today for Texture Tuesday, Triptych,

Sweet Shot Tuesday, Show Off Your Shot, and

Naptime Momtog

**Photo edited in PSE. Kim Klassen texture "aurora" applied, erased at 12%
and color burn applied for contrast, then "embrace" applied in soft light at 5%.

What is your story?

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Have a lovely, creative, sweet Tuesday my friends.


  1. This is so beautiful.

  2. Seems like you are a collector of beautiful things. Lovely image. I love the soft and dreamy mood.

  3. thanks so much for stopping by and posting on triptych! your photo is dreamy and gorgeous!

  4. I love nests, and this photo is beautiful! Would love to see your collection sometime, it sounds wonderful!

  5. WOW- what an amazing find & photo! Beautiful!

  6. ohhhhh.. truly beautiful ! Very ethereal . Lovely job !

  7. Love this entire composition...the monochromatic nature with just the hint of red nail polish.....sigh :)


  8. What a beautiful image, I love what you have done with it, and how there is the hint of red nail polish

  9. Beautiful pic and words to go with it. :-)

  10. How wonderful! I love that image, so lovely.

  11. this is really beautiful! love the texture work.