Sunday, January 15

Stacked up-This is an old weekend lodge my family gets together at in the summer
in southern Missouri. I really got into shooting with my hipstamatic app this summer
and I'm really glad I did.

Winter Wonderland-We just had our first "little" snow this last week, and it
wasn't much to speak about. More ice than snow and the morning drive
that normally takes me 22 minutes took me over an hour.

Sweet-I have purged most sweet from the house, but these jellies, jams  and fruits
were still lingering in the pantry. I liked the colors, so I stacked and snapped.

Hole-I know this is a stretch, but I really couldn't come up with anything here!

Frozen-The deck  that we enjoy thru the other 3 seasons has now become abandoned.
I felt like I should snap something that included a place that provides us with so
much enjoyment the rest of the year.

**A simple selfie.

In 2012 I am:

Venturing into self portraiture, learning to embrace what I see in the camera

when it is pointing at me. Understanding who I am, the story my face tells

and the places I will travel this year will bring their own rewards by the end

of 2012.

Shooting and studying lo-fi. I have discovered over the last year that I have

a true passion for lo-fi creations. I started here.

Becoming a better photographer. This means many things to me. Developing my

eye more. Finding the creative moments. Discovering the magical light.

Learning the more technical side of shooting a photo.

Diving into polaroidography. I have begun already with a little

project called This Little Instant(*). We are discovering the

art of shooting in instant film. Every photo I shoot, I learn more

about the camera and about my skills and what catches my eye and

why. I just finished a collaborative project via Shutter Sisters via Facebook

called "Picture The Holidays" with a group of over 500 participants. I will do

this again next year. It was fast and a creative whirlwind and I met many that I

now can call friends.

I am wondering if you have a 2012 list in your head, on

paper or journaled?

What are you venturing into this year? Any great aspirations or

dreams you have that you will be fulfilling? I would love to hear them.

Creativity nurtures the soul.

Hope you have a soulful Sunday friends.

Joining Scavenger Hunt Sunday, **The Weekend in Black and White,

The Simple Things.


  1. Great images. I've grown to really love the lo-fi images from my camera phone as well - a certain gritty-ness to them that makes them just perfect. Makes it easy to keep up with my 365, as well.
    Happy 2012 and Happy Shooting!

  2. Beautiful....

    "Creativity Nurtures the soul" I AGREE!! :)) Nice to meet you:)) Barefoot Mama

  3. I like your self portrait. Strange, it's the complete opposite of what I normally like, but it really appeals to me.

  4. I really love your pictures. I get such a great sense about you and your life just by looking at these shots.

  5. Love the chairs and your selfie. awesome job!

  6. Great set - I really like your winter wonderland!

  7. oh I think I need to purge all sweets from my house too!

  8. a wonderful collection...I really loved the stacked chairs, great composition!

  9. I loved these pics... we have no snow here and I can go without until my kiddo´s start asking me what it´s like (and asking Santa to take them to somewhere they can see snow for the first time... gulp)...

  10. Great set, I love your stacked up! Every time I purge all the sweets from my house, I end up making a candy package to send to my brother at law school...and some of the candy stays with me! Its becoming a serious problem!