Monday, January 16

Weekend Life

I wanted to share some photos from a small river town nearby that I visit from time to time. I visited the

area yesterday in the early evening hoping to catch the remains of the day and the magic that happens

for us photographers when the golden sun is sliding down and the blue hour takes over before

nightfall. This little forgotten river town goes back into hibernation after the holidays. A few shops remain open

for business, along with the town's restaurants. You can literally blink your eyes and be thru this place before

you know you passed thru it.

**The Mississippi River is wide and beautiful at this time of year. This part of the river is no longer

accessible in the area where I took this photo. This small town has seen it's share of floods. The river

continues to reshape it's banks. There is some remaining carnage from the last flood that rolled

thru this area. In the spring, the Mississippi is fierce and angry looking for relief from the

continual swelling of the melting northern snows. It finds it's relief here along the

banks of these small towns. I love this place. The eagles and hawks gather and fly over

as if they are guardians of these riverbanks. They glide down near me curious and quiet

as I stand and watch the gold change to blue in this river valley.

I love this little town when it becomes forgotten. It's quiet solitude and the roll of the river help me find a kind

of inner peace (and a reason to post a few soulful words) that I sometimes forget about relying on. So, I

walk about in this town, thankful for the residents and their quiet rhythm of living along the Mississippi.

They look and watch, but don't seem to mind the occasional stranger that walks about their little town

gazing out across the river, looking up into the sky. They share this space in the valley. No doubt when

I come here again, the landscape will have changed. But there is always the constant roll of the

river. The never changing roll.

Happy Monday. Happy Adventures.

{Get out and find your creative soul.}

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“The Mississippi River towns are comely, clean, well built, and pleasing to the eye, and cheering to the spirit. The Mississippi Valley is as reposeful as a dreamland, nothing worldly about it . . . nothing to hang a fret or a worry upon.”    
Mark Twain, Life On The Mississippi


  1. gorgeous images of this little town. it's amazing the effect that floods can have on the landscape. i spent new year's on a farm that had gotten flooded this fall and the devastation was still apparent many months later. thanks for linking up on triptych!

  2. I've seen the mighty Mississippi. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Veronica.

  3. That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Blue Sky

  4. Thanks for sharing. You have a unique and beautiful style of photography.

  5. I love the magical hours before sunset. :)

    Beautiful images. Am really drawn to the second photo especially. Lovely.

  6. Hi Veronica,
    Thanks for this journey to a Mississippi river town in your area! My fav shot is the second. Love the quiet mood of it!
    We enjoy visiting another Mis. town, Winona, MN. Our daughter goes to college there and it is a special town. The scale and power of the big river fascinates me!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my CE post :)

  7. Love, love, love the red barn.

  8. lovely particularly fond of the 2nd shot...and the effect u've got makes it a classic!

    Saturday Sareenity

  9. Beautiful and thank's for sharing the photos.

    Visiting for Blue Monday! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

  10. Great photos...I grew up in a MS river town. Oh how I remember that river and the bridge.

  11. It looks like the perfect place to take your camera Veronica! these are wonderful photographs.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


  12. These pics are beautiful - love the soft light. :-)

  13. A lovely post...this looks like a quiet, place to reflect

  14. Beautiful post and beautiful images. Love the light in them.

  15. Beautiful story, beautiful words. I so enjoyed this.

  16. The Mississippi river valley is a great place to find your creative soul. Nicely captured.

  17. Reminds me very much of my little town. Love your take on this one. :)

  18. Just gorgeous! Love the dreaminess of the last one esp.

  19. Beautiful images and words of a small town, and a lovely old red barn.

  20. I love your photos. That last really spoke to me. Truly wonderful captures.

  21. The Mississippi just fascinates me...I love to go see it.

  22. beautiful pictures, great shots, liked the sunset :-) visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  23. Each of your pics hves a very different mood. Well done!

  24. sigh.....beautiful images and post....

  25. I love little sleepy towns like that. Great shots.

  26. Welcome to Barn Charm

    That's a beautiful barn & I bet Kimmswick HAS seen its share of floods... I was thinking it was near St Louis, but I looked it up just to make sure... We used to drive through on the way to visit my grandparents in Webster Groves.

    Fantastic shots & love the editing - Thanks for joining =)

  27. I will have to go with the first barn picture this week. There is something about this one that is so appealing to me. It must be the simplicity and the paint job. genie

  28. Visiting again for MYM!Here's my share-hope you can visit:)

  29. beautiful photos, my favourite is the last one :))
    thank you for linking up !