Sunday, January 22

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sunset-I had to go into the archives. We just haven't had any sun to speak of, but then no snow either.
Black and White-I shot this photo 4 days ago. This was the only one I liked out of several.
I take several shots of a subject looking for the one I feel really "speaks". I have been trying
to work more with shooting my polaroid spectra, and though I like the film, I am still
experimenting with different lighting conditions.
A Day in my Life-Yesterday I made coconut chicken soup. Coconut milk, garlic, ginger, snow peas,
spring onions,rice noodles and cilantro on top. Good for what ails you! (BTW this was hot! Thai chilis and cayenne, whoooo!)
Four-a sepia portrait of distortion and my wood bowl collection. There are 4 there, really.
Color-I love these old glass vials of powdered porcelain paints.The labels read "Fry's Vitrifiable
Colors for china- New York." I imagine the person who owned these created some beautiful pieces of hand painted china. I would love to have seen them.

Just another shot from a day in my life. We are stripping the back deck. I went out to gather some supplies and these 2 were there to greet me. I love that I live right along the woods and they
all cross thru here. Two days ago a coyote hobbled thru this area. I saw him while I was sitting at my computer, but he moved out too quickly as they always do. Maybe next time.

Today here is grey and foggy. We are expecting rain, warming into the 50's.

Oh snow where have you gone?

I miss you so. I miss playing and hiking

and shooting pictures outside when you

are falling. I hope you visit soon.

Have a lazy, happy Sunday friends.

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  1. great photos. especially the first one. great capture!!!

  2. WOW- that shot of the bowls is incredible!

  3. These are stunning! I love that sunset - so much depth and the black and white is so striking and interesting!

  4. These shots are all amazing. I love the bowls and that coconut chicken soup sounds delicious. Is there a recipe?

  5. Love love love every and each of your pictures!!! They are all so great!

    Visiting from The Simple Things.

  6. These are ALL so beautiful!!!! just the amount of sweetness my eyes need!

  7. your collection this week is fun and creative - i especially like colorful and the black and white of your polaroid shot in the hand. and i like the wooden bowls too. i hope you have a happy week.

  8. I love your four! Very creative. I'm a fan of sepia. Great set this week!

  9. great set! i quite like the processing of your photos, so artistic!

    Light Trigger

  10. great variety of pics, the bw is almost creepy! the others seem so serine!

  11. Mouth dropping gorgeous - wow. Love love love.

  12. great set of photos! love the processing you've done on your "color" theme!

  13. Great set! Love four and colorful! Beautiful processing!

  14. Awesome depth of field, as usual -- your photos are so unique. :)

  15. Your chicken soup is your best photo in this serie because it is the most sharp. I don't like unclear pics but I know that they are used as an effect.
    I hope you don't be sad as I say so. But we say things as we thought them to be in Scandinavia. It is like cultural difference between American and Scandinavian. Like Americans say great, great all the time and as Scandinavian say great they really think so.
    Your photos are very artistic and cool (but I just think that your 4 would have been even better if the 1. bowl would have been sharper )

  16. love your photo of the china paint viles. my grandmother used to teach china painting and had a million of these colors in viles all arranged in containers on one wall in her paint room. my mom got them all when she died and continues to china paint. i have had these little treasures as part of my life and seeing them here in your hand made my eyes big and bright with excitement! inspiring capture. i might have to go to my mom's just to try and get an image of them myself! thanks.!!

  17. I adore your blog! I am so excited to become a part of the blogger world! Cant wait to read, and see more from you! best wishes<3