Saturday, January 21

52 Linked: Breakfast

I woke up early this morning ( as I usually do).

I made a mental list of all the things to do today.

Visit some blogs of those who visit here.

We are refinishing some things inside the house.

I hope to visit some antique shops later today.

Laundry. Cooking for the weekend. Organize photos.

Today is cold as in 20 degrees. I can't think of anything

I want to do that involves going outside today other than

a little road trip.

So I am hoping that my healthy little breakfast will spark

those creative juices. A cup of Tazo black with stevia.

Cranberry granola cereal with walnuts, coconuts and milk.

A few quiet moments alone in thoughts.

BTW: I have fully enjoyed all the visits here this week

from all of you. I look forward to reading everyone's comments

and visiting your blogs. I honestly try to visit each and

everyone of you. Having this blog community has done

so much for me personally over the last year. I can't

believe sometimes all the incredibly talented folks out

there. I love the stories, the photos, the crafts and all

the soulful connections I have been able to make thru

this community.

Here's to finding your creative flow, to awakening to

the day with a purpose, to more connections among

kindred souls, and a wonderful weekend spent among

those you hold closely.

Musing today with these ladies.

Let's keep growing this community.

Hope you stop by to visit each and everyone.

Just say hello, ( after all, you never know what doors

are opening with the next hello.....)


  1. hi. i'm lori. this blog is beautiful. your work and words are beautiful. glad i found you!

  2. V--I love your breakfast. All of it sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to eat that this week. I also loved coming here and seeing your beautiful moody pictures. Glad you linked up with us!

  3. I'm so glad we met through Picture the Holidays (though I never finished that project.) I really like the tones in this photo. I love your style. And even more so - I love that you are joining us on this year-long adventure! :)

  4. Your breakfast looks amazingly delicious. It's been so cold - hope you stay warm today whatever you decide to do. :)

  5. love the "feel" of this picture. I can close my eyes and imagine a early, cold morning... in the country, cherishing the tea to warm my bones.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This will be a fun project. I love the mood your photo evokes and the old fashioned feel....

  7. yum! looks so good. i really like how you've processed it too.

  8. Mmmmm..... Your words made me feel nice and warm and cozy. Gonna go check out your blog now!

  9. I love the way this picture feels. Beautiful processing. Your breakfast looks delicious!

  10. Love your mug, it's beautiful. And here's to finding creative flow.

  11. ok. your photo is pure beauty.
    the mood is perfect. love everything about it.

  12. Oh I just love the beautiful tones in your photos!

  13. As I said when I commented on flickr, this is a beautiful photo, the mood and the tones are wonderful, but after reading your words I love it even more