Monday, January 23

Everyday Moments

I'm trying to capture more everyday moments of my life for one of my projects this year.

A moment of afternoon sun catches my eye as I pass by the window. Just another day,passing

by the same window. I see how the light comes thru and it really isn't an ordinary day

anymore. I have captured a little magic that I forget to look for in the everyday.

I shoot the light and I continue my day. Tomorrow I will look for the magic moment

again. I think I have missed too many little moments like these.

Joining The Creative Exchange, Show Off Your Shot.

Happy Monday friends. Find the moment.


  1. My goodness, you caught this at the perfect time Veronica! The light is just gorgeous, and I love these wonderful tones.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us this week at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. I was going up my stairs the other day and caught the shadows on the wall the sun was casting in through the paned glass window and thought " this here EVERY DAY?". Came to the same realization as you, I need to "notice" the every day more. I'm with ya!


  3. Beautiful capture! So good to slow down and really see what's around us.

  4. This is such a wonderful photo! I love the light and shadows - so beautiful!

  5. I love the light and shadows in this. I've been trying to really notice the light this year. Really pay attention to it. And I also have a kind of everyday moment thing going on my blog too. (I think I'm going to call mine Slice of Life) I look forward to seeing your everyday captures this year. :)

  6. you captured the light beautifully. I'm trying to do the same thing at home.. moments, light, slices from the day... trying to be aware...
    Have a great week ...

  7. It's so true, it's so easy to walk by these little beautiful moments while caught up in our thinking or to-dos. I hope I can remember the same as you have, to stop, look and listen--and shoot!

  8. Beautiful photography.

    Regards and best wishes

  9. Lovely moment in time!

  10. Hi Veronica,
    Love your concept of looking for those everyday moments! So much common beauty passes before our eyes everyday. Great patterns cast by that everyday light! glad you captured them.
    Happy weekend to you :)