Saturday, December 10

(the secret life of a house)

a house has a life of it's own

it has a heart and energy flow
*it gets life from those who dwell within

it knows many secrets over time

it will keep the laughter and smiles and store

them away in it's walls.  It will grow a soul over the

years. Those who live inside will add to the life of this

house and in return this house will become a home and

be a shelter and refuge. Many will come and go over time.

This house will remain and keep it's secrets and the little

pockets of happy and perhaps sad will hide away for safe

keeping. More will come and live inside and the house will

welcome them to live and make a life within.

This is the story of

(the secret life of a house)

*Dec.8 party at Finkman Flat.

Christmas cocktails,
warm winter gloves,
cats who snuggle,
St Nick's gifts,
holding a baby again,
talking to a long lost friend.
little joy pockets this week ♥

A festive musing joining with sixty two thousand miles,

photo Friday, Joy Pockets, and Fabulous Friday.

Happy little sweet Friday world.


  1. i totally believe this. energy is stored. it's what makes a house a home, a building a dwelling place.

  2. I think this is why abandoned homes are so fascinating--ghost-like ....
    Beautiful words and lovely joy pockets...I hope to have a cat, and a dog that snuggles one day :)

  3. what a cool thought about the heatbeat of your home. love the out-of-focus feel these have. thanks for linking up!

  4. beautiful post... Wonderful words and pictures...

  5. How very sweet, Vicky. Your house looks to be filled with much love. xoxo

  6. These photos and the poem are absolutely wonderful and heartwarming! Thanks for linking up with us at 62!

  7. oh what a fun story! yes, a house knows- I love it! I hope that when people enter my home they get a feeling of welcome and joy that I sense in yours! lovely-