Sunday, December 11

*Less Is More-little lovelies I found at a small cottage shop in a local town.***

*Holiday Lights-the little corner tree that fascinated me at a Christmas party this week.

*Ornaments-I loved these cookie ornaments. They caught my eye at an ice cream parlor.

*Cup of Cheer-This would me my kind of cup. I'm not really a drinker, but I'll take a
peppermint any day. (a little iphonagraphy)

*Nativity-This is on my mantle. I love it. It is the focus of my holidays.

This is the other focus of my holidays. Together with these little ladies.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon having lunch in a little town called Kimmswick.

It comes alive at Christmas with all sorts of little shops and lights.

The toy shops are incredible and the local restaurant is world famous.

(They hate to see the camera come out. They think it might really be

attached to my body permanently.)

They obliged for pictures and we spent the entire afternoon laughing

and having a great time.

( I love the holidays.)

I got to muse here this week also!

Joining today with Scavenger Hunt Sunday,

Capturing Beauty, Scenic Sunday, The Simple Things Sunday,


Happy Sunday friends.

*I'd love to hear about your holidays today. Please leave me a comment with a link to your post
and on my Tuesday main post I will have a link to yours!


  1. Love every picture! Beautiful set :)

  2. oh - I love those crystals - my type of deco!!

  3. What a festive set of shots! Cup of cheer and less is more are just fab shots! I love this time of year - the photo ops are endless!

  4. Such pretty captures. I especially like the nativity. Have a great week.

  5. These are all wonderful, I'm finding it hard to choose a favorite! Nativity is so pretty, but I'm also loving your ornaments and lights shots too:)

  6. Those ornaments are awesome! And that cup of cheer looks so warm and tasty!

  7. Lovely decor! Have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Delightful less is more and ornament shots. So glad you enjoy the holidays so much.

  9. Such a beautiful cup of cheer with that heart in it! Just lovely.


  10. Such pretty pics, love them! :-)

  11. These are beautiful! I love the first three shots so much! Lovely bokeh. :)

  12. The nativity is beautiful! Love the soft tones.

  13. These are gorgeous - I especially love your first two shots!

  14. Each time I see your pictures it feels like such a beautiful story come to life! "LOVE" :) For us we have slowly getting into the holidays. We actually have had a new little new friend who is visiting from the North Pole. I have been loving seeing my kids reaction to her daily. Tis the Season. Today they wrote their letter to Santa! I love the Holidays can't believe its only 2 weeks till Christmas!

  15. Oh, these were really a great group of pictures!!

  16. Nice shots, your nativity shot is so gentle.

  17. beautiful veronica, I just love the cup of cheer!!