Wednesday, December 7

This is nothing more than a photograph.

(some would say)

I am telling you it is so much more.

oh yes.

This photo represents a moment in time when it was

only she and I.

The things we did together, the mistakes we made

as mother and daughter.

We grew, and readied our little souls for

2 more ♥

They are all in this world ( these 4)

But this photo, this one stands for that time

 I had with her.

Sharing a blissful memory

because I'm feeling festive and happy for the season.

Thankful and reminiscing this eve.

My musings for 52 Photos Project, You Capture,

Texture Thursday, This or That Thursday.


  1. What a sweet tribute to your daughter! Reminiscing is such a wonderful thing, I just happened to be looking at a pic of my son when he was just 14 months old in his lion costume for Halloween just before I sat down here.
    *sigh* they grow too fast don't they..

  2. I love everything about this photo! The snow, the look on your face. So soft and pretty.

  3. This is a great image ... love softness of it!

  4. Love it - so precious- I tried to imagine what it might be about before I read the rest- honestly thought you were sisters- looking good! :)

  5. Reminiscing makes me nostalgic and melancholy. I still do it. As a mother, I think we all do. I really love your photograph of yourself holding the photograph.

  6. its a wonderful picture... as a mother it talks to my heart, as a viewer of your photo art, i am imprest. the snow falling is giving such an atmosphere in an allready sentimental theme ...
    thank you for viviting Paraphernalia . hoping to "see" you again

    i know i`ll be visiting : )

  7. This is a powerful capture. Beautiful and intense.

  8. Wow... new to your blog...beautiful photos!