Friday, November 25

A Fall Craft and The Giveaway Reveal

thought I would show you my warm socks. My ugg slippers are always hiding my colorful socks around the house:)

Thought we would share a little craft we completed for fall.

We adopted this idea from Flax and Twine.

The original idea started as upcycled fabric used to create

invitations, but I had an idea of a fall owl mantle garland.

We love how it turned out, and Maddie sure enjoyed creating it.

Here's the simple supplies for the garland.

1.) thick craft paper with various patterns. We chose more earthy patterns to

reflect fall. We may make these in the spring with brighter colors.

2.)craft glue for gluing wings, buttons, beak and attaching the owls to the yarn.

3.)scissors for cutting the template, as well as a pencil or marker to trace the pattern.

4.) yarn for the garland.

5.) old buttons for the eyes, you can incidentally just use cut out eys from paper.

We used contrasting colors and patterns for the wings, beak and bodies. I thought it added

a little more whimsy. Even some of the buttons for the eyes are

mismatched. They look like they are winking.

You can see what the finished project looks like across the mantle.

As for the brownie camera giveaway:

Ellie A. from New York has won the brownie camera giveaway.

I love what she had to say about photography means to her:

"For me photography means I can freeze a moment so it can be relived whenever it is shared. "

Ellie, I agree and congrats!

Hope everyone had a Thanksgiving to remember.

Feel free to share your photos from your holiday with me here.

Let's become better acquainted and stop by this weekend for

Campfire Girls:)

Sharing today with Show and Tell Friday.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH Again! OH my gosh I am so excited. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thanks for doing the owl project and leaving me a comment to let me know! Your garland is adorable! I love the tone and the paper! xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, I will have to show my daughter! She loves all things owl. And thank you for linking with us at Mortal Muses.