Thursday, November 24

There it is.

The heart in the sky.

That might be my heart.

So full it bursted and floated upward.

A day of together.

A day of reflecting.

All the good I have.

We will be together today, all family.

Oh and that means so much.

I look to this heart in the sky and know it was meant for me,

it is gone in the blink of an eye.

Happy day of Thanksgiving to you.

Joining Ana for Earth Wanders.


  1. what a delightful shot and warm words. happy Thanksgiving to you sweetie and welcome to Earth Wonders with this dreamy landscape. so peaceful! love it. come back next Sunday to vote your Favourite Photo ;) xxo

  2. happy thanksgiving!!

  3. That is amazing!! What a capture to remember.

  4. Amazing find/capture/landscape shot! Love it!!!

  5. your photo is our Favourite on Earth Wonders meme and you've been featured on my Facebook page :) congratulations! xxo