Saturday, November 26

my cat-AKA Fat Buddha

he's jovial and chatty

doesn't really care if you don't want to hang out

he's sticking by your side

loves to sit in baskets and boxes

hides under rugs and grabs at your toes

paws under the door when you shut him out

the tilted head stare when you glance back to

walk out the door

I love this guy.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

We went on a little roadtrip.

You can view some photos here of our little day.

(Happiness doesn't just happen; it emerges)

I am going to create some journals like this.

I will be trying this little concoction.

I'm joining in on this little project and embracing the season.

I am making these for a little ambience for our winter dinners.

enjoy this day.♥


  1. beautiful image of your cat. love the dreamy look.
    looks like you had a wonderful time on your road trip. Kudos for embracing the season; I'm still dreading the winter. Maybe I should have more positive attitude, too.

  2. delightful as always :) from one cat lover to another. xxo