Sunday, November 20

Boy oh Boy

I have to say it has been quite exciting around my home these last two weeks.

Dryer went out.


Stove went out.

Not fixed...

Guess who is hosting Thanksgiving :-)

I have a plan.

I will pretend I am a traveling chef. I am going to cook at Brian's &

take the food to my home.

Why not host at Brian's house, you say? Make it easy on yourself....

well, see his T.V. is out ( go ahead laugh) I did.

We had a plan to sit and watch a movie after dinner.

We are sticking to the plan.

In lieu of these minor set backs, apple cake as promised

was not posted.  But, I promise this week before turkey day. Yes

even if I have to bake it in my convection oven on the

countertop. Oh yes there was this lovely, lovely walk.

Sort of a dismal day with a few pops of sun.

I love wandering thru the woods on days like this.

Everyone is huddled indoors and we have the woods to ourselves.

BTW, had a photo featured here. Hope you stop by and enjoy

those little lovelies, too.

Happiness to you.

1 comment:

  1. This is fun to read :)
    Nice how you face things with a smile!
    I hope everything works out as planned, even with broken stoves and TVs. :)
    A happy day to you and your family.