Tuesday, November 22

On a cold, fall day as this. So rainy and dreary.

Days like this can weigh down the soul.

But I am embracing the day for what it brings.

Listening to this CD, spirits lift instantly.

I focus on what is good, all to be grateful for.

 That list is oh so long.

Brian, Maddie and I are here together. Leslie is at work.

We look forward to a day together.

That in itself is gold.

All peace and warmth to you.

Musing with Kristi for Wordless/Wordfull Wednesday.


  1. Great Photos! I love the frog pic!

  2. I really love this post! You definitely have much to be thankful for. :) And that third photo? Stunning! Love that pop of color. Thanks for stopping by and linking up. I'm following your new site via GFC. Happy Thanksgiving!