Friday, June 22

A Week In The Life of an Instagramer....

Hello friends here in blog land. I have been a slacker here as of lately.

Life in the fast lane as I'm sure most of you know and understand.

I am able to keep up socially a little better on instagram, as it has become

much easier to communicate and create on the run!

I am still posting here, just not as frequent as I have been in the past.

I'm also fairly frequent in flikr land, also.

Hope your summer has began on a good, happy note.

This morning I read about comfrey and it's healing qualities. I find I read much more

at Brians than I do when I am home.

Brian doesn't have internet at all, can you believe it?

No distractions. It is available, but we just haven't gotten it here.

Can't say I mind too much, really.

I am shooting quite frequently with my iphone, and

I am sure the old Nikon feels neglected.

I really enjoy the freedom, and the endless apps that are available

with my mobile phone.

This is the newest addition to my family.

This is baby and she showed up at our house one Sunday afternoon.

She has made this her home quite easily, doing those crazy

things young kittens do.

I call this the secret garden because it is at Brians moms house.

I love wondering around thru her garden and taking pics.

A quiet place that stokes my creativity when I really need some inspiration.

This is my newest read. So far I'm loving it.

"Fame is a bee. It has a song-It has a sting. Ah, too, it has a wing."Emily Dickinson (front cover)

And yes, we are enjoying the local farmer markets.

Out on the deck.

Sunday afternoons.

No T.V.

No computers.

Just family and togetherness. (and a little iphone capturing the moments!)

Enjoy your weekend friends.


  1. love the photos...I am the same way lately-mostly with the iPhone, mostly on Instagram, mostly enjoying these little, sweet times in the day, and blogging a bit less. It's nice to be able to enjoy the simple things and the "now". Have a great weekend too! Enjoyed the post :)

    {See you on instagram!}

    1. Yes, I am enjoying your creations on instagram also. And yes, very nice to catch up in life and the everyday "living" for awhile!

  2. Wow, I love Instagram too, but I'm not sure I could live without internet. ;-)

  3. Finally getting around to some blog-hopping...I too have neglected my Big Girl Camera since Instagram came into my life. Oh the dear sweet friends I have met there.
    ~happy to sit with you here for a minute!~