Sunday, April 15

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Simple-This is one of my photos I shot for a Flikr group I belong to. The
dogwoods are so beautiful here in yet, they came early this spring and
they are already gone!

Grain-This is a polaroid it took not long ago. The picture didn't really turn out at all
but I immediately saw the image of a wolf in the photo. See it? Anyway, I just
love the grain in the polaroids.

Transportation-The weather has been fair, actually good enough for the guy who was driving this to have the top down already.

Stitch-I admit I really don't have any ideas for this one. I did stitch these two photos together for
a self portraiture group I belong to on Flikr.

Bubbles-I was washing my new glasses and the light and reflections captured my eyes.
Just one of those everyday moments that makes me grab my camera.

How was your week? We were away for Easter having fun with some really
beautiful weather.
Here are some photos from the Mark Twain National Forest where we stayed:

Here's to many more times like these. Happy Sunday folks.

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  1. Great items! I hope you enjoyed the Scavenger hunt!

    Here's my post:


  2. Yes - I saw the wolf, pretty neat! Your time away in the forest looks so peaceful and relaxing. We just returned from an afternoon hike, such beauty in creation to behold.

  3. Nice shots! I really like your stitch interpretation.

  4. I absolutely adore the picture of the dogwoods...such an expressive piece! I can just feel the emotions pouring from it!!! That is remarkable talent!

  5. Great set of photos! I especially liked the bubbles pic! Lovely vacation spot also!
    linda @ viewing my world

  6. LOVE that first shot with the dogwood blossoms!
    I also love later in your post the shot with the web and fern tendrils!

  7. What a pleasure to see your photos - they're all beautiful, but I especially love the simple and grain ones. I love texture, so the grain image is very pleasing to my eye! And I definitely see that wolf... :)

  8. Another beautiful collection - love the creativity behind your stitch shot.

  9. Such a variety of styles and edits, Vicky -- the dogwoods are beautiful! :)

  10. Absolutely love the first image!

  11. Lovely pics - the selfie is awesome too! :-)