Tuesday, February 28

Think Spring~

Happy Tuesday to you my friends.

So excited that spring is on it's way.

These small flowers remind me that

renewal and growth and fresh life are

not too far away.

Today I am thinking about the garden.

Outside my window the birds are singing.

I am learning the virtues of patience all

over again.

Funny how those same lessons keep

revisiting us over and over again

until we get them right :)

Happy for a little feature here today,

thank you much ladies.

I will be planning an area for

some vegetables we will grow,and

the flower beds we can't live without.

I'll be re-habbing those bird houses and feeders

that these last several months have weathered.

What is in your plans for spring?

I'd love to hear them.

Stay tune d I've got a giveaway coming up

that I think you are gonna like!

Enjoy this day friends.

Joining Texture Tuesday, Sweet Shot Tuesday. Tones on Tuesday.

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  1. beautifully done! love the way texture plays in this photo!
    Light Trigger

  2. lovely image and thoughts and texture processing. Thank you for sharing. I keep looking at these flowers - they look so much like our Geraldton Wax flowers from Western Australia where I live.

  3. This is pure magic Veronica!
    So beautifully done.

  4. Haven't planned that much yet, just know that I'll have lots of tomatoes! :-)

  5. That is just gorgeous, luv the simplicity!

  6. wow I love the texture in this! Hope to see you at Tips & Pics again this week!

  7. Soft, ethereal and lovely use of texture. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!

  8. Beautiful tiny tiny flowers in your picture. I don't have any plans for my garden yet, spring is so far away her...still:) But I'm going to see spring of Holland and tulips fields and after I come from there here will be green so I will have two springs.

  9. Love those little journals which match your flowers to a T. Awesome.