Wednesday, January 4

Sometimes you need to get out to get on with it.

My brain works in mysterious ways, I know this.

I needed to clear my mind from the clutter of

the fast paced holidays. Came and went fast.

So, as you all know, I love to wander about

and capture a day, just any old place where

I am feeling it, if you know what I mean. I

find a composition before me, something that

I can feel and I shoot. I shoot many times

and many angles.

Can you feel this one? Are you there with me?

Quietly, the crew that I was with ventured off, and

they know my routine. I wander to a spot where

I look for the groove of a moment. Am I always dead on?

NO....but, I will take my chances, follow my instinct and

I stay true to what I find interesting, what I feel tells a


Do you see the story here?

Late evening, snowy valley, just me and this little

moment of beauty that no one else may ever see so

I had to share, I couldn't let this moment pass



My word this year is create.*

By the way friends,

This Little Instant (*) is shaping up quite nicely.

If you love analog instant photography join us.

Learn, create, inspire, capture.

What is your word?

Joining Project Alicia, 52 Photos, Naptime Momtog,

and then, she snapped, live and love out loud.


  1. Love this post! And the light and shadow you captured are just beautiful ...
    Actually my WW is about my word too!

  2. This is sooo gorgeous. Love the photo and the writing.

  3. It's breath taking!! I wish we had snow here... sigh. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this image and love how you said "looking for the groove of the moment". You expressed it so well.

    p.s. i have some instant pictures but my 'dear' scanner is giving me some trouble. hopefully it'll be sorted out soon.

  5. This is a wonderful image Veronica!

  6. I also like my quiet alone time in nature. I can see why you chose this spot. It's beautiful. Good luck on your word for this year.

  7. I do see the's gorgeous. Stark and beautiful!

  8. this was gorgeous my friend, I was there right with you!!!!