Wednesday, November 30

Today is a pretty day.

We have begun putting up some Christmas decor.

My cats nearly destroyed my little red birds last Christmas. So, I have hung them in a higher place this season. (Those little rascals.)

I really like the little touches that add some dazzle.

The evergreen is abundant in the woods behind my home, so I go awandering.

This was one of the first things to go up on the mantle. 

It keeps me in the moment.

All that is important in this life.

I lose focus many times each day.

This is to remind us, this time of year.

To gather, nest, share, pray, believe and hope with one another.

And to remember only this: be in the moment.

Today is a pretty day.

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  1. That bird vase is beautiful!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  2. thank you for visiting and leaving a note :)
    i'm trying to live in the moment too, but sometimes it's just hard...
    blessings x

  3. Love your decorations and your manger, truly the reason we celebrate!!

  4. Such gorgeous shots. I love them.

  5. beaufiful pictures. my cats would love your bird, too :)

  6. beautiful images... I'm trying to reming myself to be in the moment, too...

  7. The little vases on the windowsill are so pretty. I love natural greens. Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the prettiest. :)

  8. The nativity photo is just so pretty. Love the tones and texture. Thanks for the blog love! I'm glad I've found a new blog to follow!