Monday, November 28

I have to admit something..

I want a Diana :)

I smiled a real corny smile when I professed my unfounded desire to B♥.

He asked me "what is a Diana?" well...

it's this sweet little toy camera that takes blurry, light-leaky photos

with results you just can't produce in PS elements, or Picnic,

or Photoscape. :) I grin again. ( bigger and cheesier)

You can't do that with any of your other cameras?

BTW how many cameras do you have dear?

"Not enough, I don't feel that I have enough."

Sometimes when I can't sleep at night I lay there thinking

about these lovely photos I could produce with film.

Yes, I got it bad. I want to experience every creative idea I have.

B♥ says, "You should do what you want. It's your deal, and

it's great you have something like this that you enjoy."

Oh, I am grateful (I am!) that my partner is a supportive soul.

In good times and bad he is.

My thanksgiving this day.

To have my photography, to love it so.

To meet with you my friends in this way

and develop many lasting relationships.

We share good, bad, sad, family, nature, stories, beauty, humor

and we will remember this because we record our lives.

Every day. Photo by photo.

I call mine Life in Pictures.

*I am sharing with Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday,

Communal Global, Sweet Shot Tuesday, Photo Tip Tuesday*

These photos are of an old gal I picked up via Craigslist.

She's not up and ready for film just yet.

But when she is, you'll be the first to know.

Enjoy this day and all it brings to you.

*photo 2 texture-"Back In"- edited in Photoscape( surprise!) it's a free editing program I use quite often. Any questions about it, drop me a message here, we'll chat. I've been using it for 1 year now. I also use Picnic, and PSE.


  1. Such interesting images. You are lucky to have a supportive partner -- my husband is, too, and it makes life a joy!

  2. I can totally understand your need - hope you´ll get it! :-)

  3. Wow, such gorgeous photos. The procession matches the subject perfectly. They have an old feel to them. I am very grateful for this wonderful hobby of photography too! Have fun with your new camera!

  4. Love this. Both the images and what you wrote...
    you old gal is a beauty! hope you'll get a Diana , too.

  5. Wonderful. It seems there are more people wanting to go back to film. I am intrigued by the toy cameras and love the photos that they produce. Have fun, it is great to have someone support your love of the craft.

  6. I love that shot and edit! And yeah a camera like that would be fun to shoot with. I think Urban Outfitters sells plastic holgram cameras that are light leaky too and they're super cheap!

  7. There are much WORSE addictions you can SHOES :) Great post!


  8. I bought two cute little cameras yesterday on etsy. LOL!
    Gorgeous images.
    and thanks SO much for putting my little project in your sidebar :)

  9. I feel the same way about my Holga...although I must admit since getting an iPhone it sits on its shelf looking pretty. And is there anything wrong with referring to it as "passionate" rather than obsessive ;)

  10. Love your words and totally understand the "need"!

  11. i could totally have that first photo on my wall.

  12. have you tried a holga? smiles... love your processing and your story; wonderful choices. thank you, kareninkenai {texture tuesdays}

  13. I have 4 vintage cameras right now. Budget prevents me from getting more right now. Love the one in your photo and the gloves too!

    I will def. check out Photoscape. I've been using Pixlr (online freebie) as well as Picnik for my editing lately. :)

  14. These photos are gorgeous, as are your words!! My husband is the same way and I am so grateful for his support ;). We are lucky yes? And I can't wait for you to have your Diana, then share the photos with us!! I have 2 polaroids, the sx-70 and the spectra se. I tell you what though, from these comments I am learning that the Holga would make a mighty fine addition...hmmmmm :).

  15. Pure Happiness is what this post about.. I grin too when I said to Hubs I want a Lenses Baby.. of course it was fun to explain what that was.. Not in our budget but hey a gal can dream right! :)