Tuesday, February 7

You Are The Light

Here is the scoop: I love Kim Klassen's textures. I truly enjoy the challenge

of taking a photo and her textures and creating something magical.

I decided to call this photo and post "You Are The Light" because

I enjoy meeting up here in this space and getting to know all of you

better everyday.

On a down day, I can find beautiful photos and stories to make

me smile and have a grateful heart for this love of creating that

we all share in this space.

Yes, I may be a nerd of sorts, but I love Texture Tuesdays and

get kind of excited about the next challenge and the next free


So I want to thank all of you who visit here and say "Hello"

and leave kindness here.

Yes, indeed you are the light.

Happy Tuesday friends.

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Joining Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday, Sweet Shot Tuesday,

Sweet Violet, Tones on Tuesday

Photo edited with Kim Klassen texture "cosmo" in soft light at 37%

and "look up" in linear burn at 45%.


  1. Well, call me a nerd too! I love textures!! LOL.
    Beautifully processed Veronica. Such a lovely shot.

  2. This is beautiful, Veronica.. Gorgeous tones and beautiful usage of texture. Love textures, too. I'm hoping to participate in Texture tuesdays more often this year...

  3. This is so beautiful and magical at the same time. I just love your blog and your thoughts. I also love that picture of you laying halfway on the couch :) It kind of reminds me of something I would do lol

  4. Think this just turned out gorgeous. Isn't her class wonderful!!!

  5. A lovely image, and the textures really enhance it to the point of magic!

  6. Very nice. Thanks for your warm friendship.

  7. I love the softness of the tones and the texture. Such a wonderful perspective Veronica. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!

  8. ooh, i love what you did with this! great shot.

  9. Thanks so much for linking up!! What a pretty shot. Love the softness of it. Did you try out the free download from the Poetic Winter photography challenge? It's from Kristy of Life n Reflections and it is SO good!!

  10. Beautiful picture, beautiful words , beautiful message. The word light conjures up so many beautiful thoughts for me.

  11. Well if you are a nerd for loving textures, then I'm a nerd too. I'm the president of the club, actually. :P

    Love your shot and editing, Vicky.

  12. I too love her textures. You have a beautiful work of art here.