Friday, December 16

Today's theme at Mortal Muses is "believe".

And yes I do.

I believe in renewal and second chances.

I believe life is too short not to pursue  your dreams.

I believe we are most happy when we allow life to just happen.

I believe we are most at peace when we focus on the bigger picture.

I believe chocolate is good for what ails you.

I believe you should have dessert every day.

I believe you can capture a moment of life

in a photo as no other will see it.

I believe we all have a story to tell.

I had much fun sharing here.

( Yes indeed.)

Joining along today with The 12 Days of Texture,

Many Muses Musing, Fabulous Friday,

Show Off Your Shot, December Views.

Love, Peace and Joy, friends ♥


  1. Love your words and image - great use of texture and I love that little snowman!

  2. this is an absolutely fantastic shot!

    you're so creative.

    happy weekend!

  3. Wow! I love the texture! And beautiful words too. Merry Christmas

  4. A delightful use of the texture and a lovely poem! So glad you shared this! 8-)

  5. Fabulous friday work!! Happy Holidays!

  6. Have a soft spot for Snowman. Awesome picture.

  7. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful photo.


  8. Wow, love your blog. Met you on Picture the Holidays!

  9. Such a pretty picture. And I love your words. Funny, I'm thinking my "one word" for 2012 is going to be believe. :)

  10. Love the words and your photo together - how perfect. Thanks so much for linking up with the mortal muses.

  11. very cool. I love the texture you added!