Sunday, December 18

                                                               Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1.) What is it?- How about a chocolate mouse on top of a white chocolate covered rice krispie treat
disguised as cheese (a little St. Nick's treat)

2.) Fur babies sleeping-my little guy Lucky taken with my hipstamatic app.

3.) Joy-one from the archives. Easter Sunday smiles.

**4.) Window-some lovelies in a little local gift store. Edited with Wonderful Magic "scripted" texture.

5.) Half-a little selfie in half of the mirror.

I always look forward to Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley.

Love the challenges.

Long list of "to do's" today.

Coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

Wrapping presents is on that lil' list.

I'm going to thank B♥ today for laying in my new kitchen countertops

in time for Christmas with a

smooch and hug.

We are enjoying a whole lotta sunshine this morning.

happy, happy, happy.

Have a helluva day friends.

** photo #4 edited with Kim Klassen textures for The 12 Days of Texture.

BTW- what is on your list ?


  1. Love your window shot! I resemble your remarks about coffee not kicking in yet, and I too have a list a mile long. Enjoy your week, lovely shots.

  2. Great cat photo. For the love of cats! Of course I would think that.

  3. Great job with he textured photo, it's so pretty :)

  4. I like how you used the texture on your window shot! BTW, my coffee hasn't kicked in yet either...bah humbug. Gotta list a mile long, but nothing will get checked off today as my family is coming over for our annual get together. It's gonna be a hectic week playing catch up. But...I love it all :). Happy holidays to you!


  5. Oh my I have some catchIng up to do here! Awesome images as usual, love your texture choices!! Hooray for new countertops :) and fur babies. And I would love to button swap with you!
    Happy Sunday!!

  6. The joy shot is wonderful, such a happy child!

  7. Fantastic set. I love your JOY shot - such a lovely smile ;D

  8. The kitty shot is my fave ... but they are all so great!

  9. The Rice Krispy Treat is genius! Love it.

  10. beautiful set! Love the tones in your images... the shot of your cat is so cute!