Friday, December 2

Sometimes we all need inspiration to fire our creativity

wouldn't you agree?

Turning on some soulful music.

Floating thru Flikr on a cold blustery day when we have

a few stolen moments.

A change of scenery. Walking in the woods, a day trip with camera in tote.

Reading a few inspiring notes on musing.

BTW it never hurts to find your work featured  at places such as Shutter Sisters (wink*)

Lots of little joy pockets this week-

connecting with new faces 
practicing the art of allowing
wishing on a star ☼ and getting the wish

mocha mint coffe with peppermint mocha cream ♥

losing track of time

witnessing a friend from afar re-find her center

finding chocolate in my pocket

some much needed sleep

welcoming the season of cheer

Tending my soul garden

Sharing my Joy Pockets at Holistic Mama,
In The Studio Sneek Peek Friday, Fabulous Friday,
Photo Friday at The Hollie Rogue.

Grace and Peace to you this night friends.


  1. Such a peaceful post! I love the purple shoes on the green deck...lovely composition and colors!

  2. You have some great photos here, interesting compositions.

  3. congrats on the shutter sisters feature! it's a fabulous photo.

    "some much needed sleep", nothing like it.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  4. what a sweet post. love those shoes! thanks for linking up with us

  5. Wow, gorgeous post/photos Veronica, and congrats being featured on shutter sisters--i am so not surprised though, your style is incredible :).
    Mocha mint coffee jumped out at me!! And hooray for sleep, I actually slept in this morning and it was wonderful!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I most agree! Flicker and Pinterest are where I search for inspiration.

  7. What a great collection of photos! I love your list of little joy pockets. So, so sweet. Thank you so much for joining us 'in the studio' and sharing this inspiration!

  8. congrats on SS! i love that shot of the little tiny tree. thanks for your visit to our new blog. you were our first commenter. we are officially launching on Monday...

  9. I love Pinterest but I don't go there near often enough. Lovely post!

  10. Very lovely and peaceful joy pockets, hope that you have many more :)

  11. I love how you capture life. Beautiful...

  12. Fabulous post! It is nice to find inspiration in another's image...that's one reason why blogging is so fun :) Off to look at the SS, exciting!

  13. I love the first tree looks just like something I would take :)