Tuesday, November 8

Things About Me

Okay, I was seriously considering cheating with an old photo of me that I have. I realized that this is a new blog, new pic, right?
I was born in 1962, I will be fifty in January. I have 3 sisters. Yes, I am the oldest. My mother was an artist, painter. My father is a self-made man who didn't have an opportunity to graduate from high school, but as an adult finished his education and then some and has continued to be a successful businessman. He is an inspiration. I have 2 other sisters who are nurses, also. A sister who is a school administrator.
As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a nurse. I have always felt the call. I began my career in emergency medicine and migrated to the operating room and that is where I have stayed. For many years I was a open heart, transplant nurse. Now I have moved into a slower pace at a smaller hospital in St. Louis. The neighborhood is not the safest, we serve a population of very sick people. I enjoy seeing the new nurses in their learning phase of their careers. I am currently precepting a new nurse for the O.R. Enough of work.
My family life is everything to me. I have a 23 year old daughter. She is a joy to spend time with. I learn from her everyday.Brian is my partner of 3 years, he has a 7 year old daughter. My daughter  is Leslie and Brian's daughter is Maddie. Oh the wisdom of a 7 year old. We call these Maddy-"isms." Brian is an auto body painter by trade. He has worked in this profession his whole adult life. He still loves his job. He is a Jeep head. Anything Jeep he loves. We enjoy getting out in the "country" as we say in this area. He is kind, witty, loving and unnervingly selfless. I have learned much from this man. He is also a wonderful father. I enjoy my time with him, he makes me laugh hard. I so love a great sense of humor.
I first took photography in high school and instantly fell in love. I made a shoebox camera. I still have some of those faded shots. I couldn't paint, so I pursued the camera. I recently found a gem of an SX-70. I am still playing with it. My photo here was taken with it on one of our first blustery fall days. I recently found a Polaroid spectra that I haven't begun studying yet. Ordering film for it is next on my to do list. Ana is one of my favorite photographers, hands down. I am an earthy hippie kind of girl. I collect rocks, gems, old vintage relics that call to me. I am drawn to earth tones, scents, the wind, rain, wood, fire. My home reflects the same. I practice yoga, not often enough for my liking. I read books- currently The Help is on my nightstand. I get out and hike to get right with my soul. I keeps me grounded.
I have a jewelry fetish. Boho is what I am currently into. I am wearing taunting teal nail color. Loving it. I am wearing these alot. My daily wardrobe is b-o-r-i-n-g. I go to work to change into scrubs. Therefore, I wear work out yoga sort of attire.I drive about 25 miles one way to work. I live outside of St. Louis in a smaller city. I would never think of living in the bigger city, I love a small town life. I have deer, hawks, owls frequently in my backyard which consists of woodland. I love being serenaded by the hoot owls.
Brian owns a home 5 miles from me along a golf course. There are alot of retired folk, I like the quiet neighborhood. We plan on a home sale this spring-mine. We will move into a smaller home. His is older with much more history and character. I love the fact that we will be in closer quarters, less room to get lost in the house. I look forward to renovating his home. It will be quite an adventure. That house has good bones.
I go to bed early and rise early. I love moving around in the house when everyone else is sleeping. I have a special relationship with my first morning coffee. I journal in the morning when my thoughts are clear, and do most of my problem solving on my drive to work.
My favorite meal is breakfast.
I watch movies, but not much T.V.
It is raining cats and dogs tonight.
I still love this lady's music. Walt Whitman's works are golden.
I have a pocket guide to Bach Flower Essences.
I refer to it often.
I am ever grateful to those I meet thru this photgraphy endeavor. I have met many talented ladies.
I hope to meet many more. Leave me a message. Let's get acquainted. Hope you know me a little better now. How about you?

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  1. loved to know about you :) I'm still struggling with that. what I've done so far is here: http://www.anasofiaeugenio.com/2011/05/about-me.html and there: http://dreamyproject.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html. I GFC you. felt welcome the moment I enter your blog. congratulations :)